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Mess in SMC

Mess in SMC
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Right from the day elections for the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) were held and corporators representing various wards were elected to play their role in securing development of Srinagar city on modern lines, the corporators did everything except playing the role they were meant for.
The SMC has since then been in news and mostly for wrong reasons as various allegations of corrupt practices kept on surfacing at one point of time or the other. Even the top slot of the Corporation, the position of Mayor was shrouded in many controversies and the mayor too had to face a no confidence motion after which he had to leave his chair.
Though the stint of the mayor too was mired by various controversies with many a scams being alleged like providing permissions for construction in green zones and letting buildings emerge on land that had ownership issues.
Similarly many a corporators had over the past few months approached the media and directly alleged corrupt practices being followed in the corporation. Besides, many audio clips were also released wherein the corporators crossed all limits of decency and involved in conversations that not only mentioned the corrupt practices prevailing in the corporation but also the dirty politics being played to secure various positions that had fallen vacant in the corporation.
A new low in the SMC was witnessed when several protesting contractors who were allotted parking contracts alleged that a corporator had demanded bribe for securing extension of their parking contract.
The series of events following one after another clearly points out to the muck and filth that has crept in day to day functioning of the corporation and has even raised questions over the role that is being played by the corporators.
The SMC and the corporators have proven that the trust and faith the electorate had reposed in them was a grave mistake and people should have a rethink before letting such kind of people govern or having a say in those institutions which play a key role in ensuring development of the much neglected Srinagar city.
The world famous Srinagar city has been facing an immense challenge on the development front as the city has witnessed a grave neglect on various fronts. The sanitation disposal and rectifying the sewage clearance mechanism are few key issues that the corporators could have worked on and fixed their priorities.
But alas their personal interests have superseded their role of collective responsibilities and as a result they have emerged as collective failures. This being the reason that the SMC corporation has failed to elect a Mayor as lot of key players have ensured that the body remains headless and is not able to function properly and fulfill its role of ensuring development of Srinagar city.
All this is happening as the corporators have least bothered to follow a disciplined system and letting collective good to take over rather than seeking favors for themselves.

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