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Need for caution

Need for caution
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The Covid-19 figures that have come forward during the past four weeks have raised an alarm, especially for those regions which will witness a long winter ahead.
During the eight months since the first case of coronavirus infection was detected on January 30, September alone recorded 26,21,418 infections, accounting for 41.53 per cent of the over 63 lakh COVID-19 cases reported in India so far.
The past month also saw 33,390 deaths due to the disease, which is around 33.84 per cent of the total 98,678 deaths recorded so far.
These figures reveal that as the temperature has witnessed a decline the number of coronavirus cases have started to witness a steep increase. The month of September also witnessed 24,33,319 people recuperating from coronavirus infection contributing to around 46.15 per cent of the total 52,73,201 recoveries registered so far in the country.
India is at number one position in terms of the number of recovered coronavirus cases followed by Brazil and the US, according to the Johns Hopkins University, which has been compiling COVID-19 data from all over the world.
India is the second worst hit nation in terms of COVID-19 cases after the US, while it is in the third spot in terms of fatalities globally after the US and Brazil, according to the JHU data.
Since the first positive case of the coronavirus infection was reported in Kerala on January 30, India’s COVID-19 tally had crossed the 20-lakh mark on August 7, 30 lakh on August 23 and 40 lakh on September 5. It went past 50 lakh on September 16 and crossed 60 lakh on September 28.
It took 110 days for the COVID-19 cases in the country to reach one-lakh mark, while it had taken 59 days more to go past the 10-lakh post. The cases jumped from 10 lakh to 20 lakh in 21 days, then it took 16 more days to race past 30 lakh, 13 days more to cross the 40-lakh mark, 11 days to go past 50 lakh and only 12 days to cross 60 lakh.
The death toll due to COVID-19 is almost nearing the one lakh mark and all these figures have come forward when we have no data or research available that will suggest that we have achieved a peak.
Since the figures are worrisome the people across all the regions need to be more cautious and concerned. Though suggesting such measures do not mean that we should panic, but beginning well in advance to face any calamity may reduce the burden that may pile up owing to growth or surge in the number of positive cases.
In the given scenario the people need to take measures like social distancing, wearing of face masks and maintaining hygiene quite seriously. Besides, maintaining a good health will also ease our burden and help us to fight the pandemic in a much better way.

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