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A tale of two DAKs

A tale of two DAKs
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Kashmiris are in the habit of forming organizations that merely exist and contribute nothing towards the welfare or betterment of the tribe that they claim to represent. These organizations tend to become so egoistic that most of the time they end up splitting forming factions-again with the motive of self promotion and deceit.

One such organization that otherwise had an important role to play as it claims to be the guardian of people’s health and custodians of healthcare setup in Kashmir valley is the Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK).

No wonder then that keeping its importance in view the DAK remains in news for one reason or the other. However, what makes it more important are the advisories or other announcements it makes with regard to our healthcare especially during the testing times like the one we are witnessing presently. The role DAK plays during crisis like situations has to be meticulous and meaningful.

The advisories issued by the DAK especially with regards to the Covid pandemic have serious implication because the dreaded virus has proven to be a worrying factor for the general population here. Since there is no cure or even a treatment available, the virus has made people to run for cover.

It is in this backdrop that the role the DAK has to play becomes all the more important. But the egoistic mindset of one faction of medicos has made the organization issue conflicting statements with one faction claiming to be superior and tries to outwit the other.

This being the reason that two factions of the all important medico body are issuing statements under one banner only and are failing to converge on a consensus and make peace.

One faction of the DAK claims to be elected one but at the same time the faction does very little to confront the other faction that has hijacked the very essence and identity of the medico body.

During the last two weeks one faction of the DAK has been issuing statements warning people to necessarily take flu shots owing to the prevalence of Covid-19 pandemic. The statement has lead to creation of panic among the people as the price of the vaccine has been hiked by 100percent by the suppliers making it out of the reach of a common man.

Since the importance of a flu vaccine and its availability, that too at reasonable costs has to be a collective call with all the players in the healthcare sector coming forward and accepting the challenge of making it available and affordable to the people.

However, one of the factions has made it a point of prestige and to outwit the other it issues statements that not only create panic among the people but also lead to a situation where a temporary shortage like situation is being created.

This is hurting a common man as he has to cough up extra money during these testing times to seek a vaccine that will not defend him against the deadly Covid-19 but will secure him from a much lesser threatening H1N1 flu.

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