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Human resource in peril…..but do we care?

Human resource in peril…..but do we care?
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Syed Tajamul Islam

Surprisingly, the life we breathe is too much overloaded with the gifts of revolutionised technology and wonders of science, to prepare us modernised contended and parallel to the figure of 21st century world. From silicon chips to NASA spaceships, our modern life is altogether different and matchless with those inscribed on the pages of history books. The paradigm of comfort is dominating and feasible.

To our dismay, Covid-19 outbreak breaks all the bones of our comfort and survival, leaving our peaceful outdoors out of context. We began to live in the air of hospitals more than our homes. The statistics of number of deaths due to pandemic crosses the records and limits thereby making all in all victims of the virus. Our medical advancements and healthcare approaches even led by giant WHO fails to save the world from the fangs of Covid-19.

Due to presence of persistent sarcastic attitude and proposition of hoax theory of pandemic, violating health protocol day in and day out that makes the pandemic to surge beyond the limits, which hung alarm bells around our necks. Apart from pandemic, various other fabricated causes are available in the dictionary of world, which has made the loss of human resources on the cards.

Such trend insists us to have our part combating sky rocketing mortality rate of humans. Why we need to do so? Why we are too much serious about the loss of human resources- are some of the curious questions fertilising in our minds whose answers lies in the cream of benefits we obtain while harvesting human resources.

Human resource as the biggest asset of nation that drives the economic, social and political rooms of our life. The benevolent resource with uncountable benefits overpowered than vices, became the hallmark of progress and prosperity of every nation to march into the nucleus of persistent economic, social and political developments.

Defining the human resource, there is no need to fetch specificity of criteria and does not worship the gaps or differences between humans in terms of age, colour, caste, creed, race, sex and religion.

The white people of America, the black African, the untouchables, the herdsmen on mountains, the sweepers of city, the rich in palaces, a blooming kid in the lap of mother and the poor in slums are equally equal as human resources. The manpower due to human resources has enable us to run wheels on roads, machines in industries, curing the health from illness, removing ignorance by knowledge, sending man into space, inventing computers and electronic boxes and lot more.

The misuse of such resources led the man to invent new colours of dangers and vices charging the whole world to have heads down and mourn over the large-scale loss of human resources. It has become very cumbersome to live in upended world where from dawn to dusk, loss is turning to be order of the day.

The dangerous hoax theory of pandemic by people crafted by their selfish motives or phobia of economic failure makes the hell out of heaven. Presuming the violating of health protocol by the people to be nil, death estimates would not have been as horrific as much as is of now. Was news pertaining to Covid-19 deaths at different countries of the world- a matter of joke and drama? Alas! Man has lost much of his counterparts by his self-cooked perspectives.

The political instability due to regional conflicts has hampered the life of humans to become at threat. Roaring of guns and an explosion of bombs during ambush, encounters and wars created the cracks in the survival of humans. Besides, it groomed the young generation to appear violent and depressed which in many cases led to spike in suicide rate.

Due to pandemic, the economic scene of the nation falls in recession, which creates low and unsound financial strength in man. Such financial crashes gives birth to depression and other mental disorders which latter on culminate into suicides.

Even our social life lives in doldrums. Domestic violence and communal violence are the two unwanted pushing forces to drive the social life to breathe in tatters. The anti social activities like mob lynching and communal riots have become the daily norm, causing peril of human resources in the long run. The rate of suicides is out of gear and we lost our asset as humans then and now.

People also get killed through rail, road and airway traffic accidents in which road accidents are the frequent one. A bad road user ignores to abide with the road safety measures that led the rate of road accidents accelerate with time thereby human resources gets depleted at alarming rate.

Still, there are various other causes of human resource depletion, which needs many volumes of blank books to fill them up. No need to go high up on mountains or dip deep into oceans to search and seek remedial measures for the said issue as it lies in the hands and heads of man who is popularly called as both problem maker as well as problem breaker.

We need to avoid violating every norms or protocols of our life to save own life and life of others from the teeth of high death rate. Let we come and work together to save our mother earth from the pangs of high and high mortality rate.


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