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Reducing suicides

Reducing suicides
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Suicides have proven to be the easiest of escape routes for many people especially among those whose will power is not so strong to take on the challenges that threaten them. This stands true for civilians as well as the men in uniform.

In Jammu and Kashmir we have been dealing with the issue of suicides among the people since the past three decades. Primarily, because of the conflict and the underlying reasons behind it, we have witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of suicides, mostly affecting the young population.

Though we are still fighting to tide over the crises there seems to be no end in sight for the time being.

Suicides have also witnessed an increased trend among the various security personnel associated with various forces. In Jammu and Kashmir we have witnessed an increased tendency among the forces personnel as well to tend to commit suicide. Though the issue may be a matter for research as to what exactly is leading them to take their life, but the figures that have been revealed by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) indicate that the trend is not witnessing a decline.

The date that was revealed yesterday mentioned that thirty-six security personnel under the command of the Union Home Ministry died due to suicide in 2019, taking the number of such cases to 433 in six years.

Of the 433 suicide deaths among the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) personnel during the six-year period, the least (28) number of cases was reported in 2018 and the maximum (175) in 2014. The number stood at 60 in 2017, 74 in 2016 and 60 in 2015.

Notably, the CAPF had an actual strength of 9,23,800 personnel, who play a vital role in guarding the borders and assisting the Centre and state governments in maintaining internal security and in curbing other illegal or unlawful activities.

A total of 36 CAPF personnel killed themselves during 2019, with 14 of them (38.9 per cent) due to family problems and three due to service-related issues.

However, a much deeper analysis is sought to come to the actual reasons that force the CAPF personnel to resort to the means that not only becomes a lifelong misery for the family members but also leads to lowering of morale among their colleagues.

Suicide rate both among the civilians and the CAPF personnel is on the higher side when we talk about our region. This should sound alarm bells for the governments who need to come out with a long term plan to deal with the issue effectively.

All this becomes more important because the current pandemic has also led to low level of confidence among the people.

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