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A rueful Muslims

A rueful Muslims
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Mohammad Azhar u Din Dar

Islam is not only a religion, it is also an enormous culture, one of the greatest on earth. Which has enriched our humanity with some of paramount and supreme scientific and architectural achievements and with countless meritorious discoveries in different fields particularly in medicine, social, academics and arts.

Muslims have written stunning and extremely impressive poetry. They developed earliest social structures like University of al-Qarawiyin in Fez Morroco, enormous public hospitals, the global centre of knowledge in Baghdad.

Islam kept alive the higher level of scholarism and intellectual life and study of science in a period when west was staggering and reeling under abject darkness.

However, it is unfortunately evident Muslims in the above mentioned fields could not keep animation and enthusiasm alive. Muslims who were considered once torch bearer is unfortunately lagging and limping behind in-spite of the fact they still have abundant resources in terms of both men and material.

The Muslim world is known injured, humiliated and confused, almost always on a defensive. It is misunderstood not only by the outsiders but often by its own people who are frequently forced to rely on western and Christian views of the World.

Right now most of Muslim countries are ruled by despots, by military or corrupt elites. All of them closely promoted by the west for its global opportunistic outlook and their vested interests.

Anytime when a Muslim country tries to go back to its essence, tries to march on seeking its own recognition and its own socially oriented way, it gets labeled and faces inhumane treatment. Is savagely and fiercely tortured and ultimately gets destroyed by the pulls and pressures it cannot handle. The will of its people is unceremoniously broken and democratically expressed choices are overthrown.

Andre Vitchek, a Russian born American political analyst and a journalist is worth quoting here, he writes ‘in last five decades around ten million Muslims have been murdered the reason behind was those countries did not serve the west identified empires. Muslim radicals created and have been injected into various Muslims countries by the west. Such radical’s implants are serving several purposes’.

For example the west uses them as proxies in wars, then somehow down the roads after these extremists armies get totally out of control they could act and serve as scarecrows like that of Syria and Iraq and build a platform for west to justify for them what they call ‘war on terror’.

What happens in the aftermath of such developments and stories about radical Muslims (which is sometimes they directly, compressively or indirectly meant Islam) are paraded on front pages of major newspapers and periodicals and shown on a self styled talk shows reminding the world ” how dangerous the world is and how important the western engagement is into the issue”.

However, people’s reaction in the early days is replaced by an odd insensitivity. Often when they buy a newspaper they are more interested in celebrity gossip than story of war. That is because the death of Muslim in a bulk number everywhere in world, it may Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Syria or any other place have became merely a routine news.

This unfortunately is another irony. At a time when Muslims are suffering such a terrible cruelty, we are suffering from a malaise called ‘leaderless’ community. No renowned or educated Muslim leader is willing to shoulder any burden for Islam. They decline to move alongside with the whole Ummah.

The situation of someone who has no idea of the difficulties, oppressions and act of violence, hunger and poverty suffered by Muslims in different parts of world is certainly a food for thought.

It is impossible for a Muslim to sleep irresponsibly on his comfortable bed, fritter away his time and money and think only about his own pleasure and interest when such violent cruelty is going on in the world.

Apart from above mentioned vexation from outsiders we are fractured and fragmented by self styled Molvis and Mufti’s who issue unnecessary fatwaa and inject a hate among the masses from inside.

They are not fitting themselves in a position, where they can tolerate and adjust one another. Unfortunately, we spend bulk of time and material to promote sectarianism which destroys the real essence of Islam.

We have different versions of Islam available with us. Islam was classless we created classes what satisfies and suits or pleases our comfort zone. When fanatics take a lead role and kills in the name of God, eh can turn venomous.

For the Muslim Ummah the most essential task to be undertaken is to launch high powered academic movement which brings about a real change in the educate elite and intelligentsia of society, taking them from the darkness of materialism and Atheism to light of faith and belief.

This objective can only be achieved at a strictly academic level through cogently reasoned presentation of Islamic beliefs and strong refutation of atheistic and materialistic philosophies. The aforesaid academic level of discussion will not be limited to one particular country, rather it would be required to come up with highest standard of sophistication found anywhere in the world.

No doubt we are still depend and under ideological, intellectual and cultural bondage of the west, due to scientific and technological superiority and dominance of western nations. But at least we have to eradicate their interference and direct control of western colonial powers.

Muslims also should upgrade their scholarship and intellectual sect. They must encourage unity, bridge gaps rather creating cracks. Engage themselves in a futile discourses unify in a single Ummah as there is no prospect of internal divisiveness.

The Quran and Sunnah of holy prophet Muhammad (SAW) states clearly all Muslim from all parts of world are one Ummah or community, not various geographical entities or nations. They are unified in an indivisible religious communion with no possibility of multiplicity of identity.

(The Author is a student of Kashmir University and Dawah Islamic centre)

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