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Why OIC may go!

Why OIC may go!
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OIC is not all diamonds and no glass

Nasir Ahmad Dar

The world order is going through some interesting changes. The recent events around the globe are evidence to the rapid changes happening around us. This change is not taking decades or years but it is coming forth within days.

If we look at the incidents which took place within last one week, we will be able to realize the swiftness with which the world is changing. Be it US getting hammered in UN over the weapons embargo, that too against Iran, or be it the navy exercises performed by USA in South China Sea much closer to Chinese bases than it ever was. All these incidents are implications towards a “New World Order”.

However, the event that has taken the world by surprise has to be, by far, Israel-UAE peace deal. Peace deals are the least treaties which should concern people because, after all, they pave way towards a better future. But this deal has taken the world by storm no one seems to be happy by the deal except USA’s dolt President, UAE prodigal Leader and Israel’s ethnic cleanser Benjamin Netanyahu.

The rest of the world is worried by the deal and they should be. The problem isn’t the peace deal but the problem is what it indicates. This deal indicates towards justification of all the war crimes carried out by Israel in Middle East in general and in Palestine in particular. The deal has been declared naught by many international leaders and organizations but the question is what impact will this deal have on the flabbergasted OIC?

OIC stands for Organization of Islamic Countries. OIC is the second largest organization in terms of the number of members, around the globe, after United Nations. This organization holds a huge importance for the Muslims around the globe as this conglomerate asserts a firm belief among them for being represented. Muslims around the world are happy to see a bloc of their own. Moreover, the continuous enlargement of the wealth of some of the major countries in OIC has given a lot of opportunities for the Muslims to pursue a wealthy career in the gulf.

However, OIC is not all diamonds and no glass. Majority of the members of OIC are just a glass and that too an ugly glass with nothing to attract. The nations which hold tremendous power in OIC are hollow within. They lack leadership, determination, spine and even Islam (for which this bloc was formed). OIC in general has failed Muslims of this world.

The mess that the Middle East is in is not only because the west planned it but it is also because OIC failed to collaborate at times when it was most needed. These countries failed miserably to show spine and leadership when 9/11, Barley Bombing, 7/7 and many other events happened. These incidents were unfortunate but they should have never been charged upon the innocent Muslims living around the globe.

There have hardly been a hundred suicide bombings in western countries which were carried by Muslims but still somehow the quarter of the world population is suffering because of these incidents. This has been made possible only because we had a spineless bloc of Muslims at the helm of affairs.

Had there been more rigorous response to the preying on Muslims carried out by west after 9/11 things would have been much better. There are hundreds of reasons to believe that OIC is a must for Muslims but there are thousands of reasons shouting to dismantle this body. OIC has failed to address Islamophobia around the globe. The failed strategy to tackle this immense hate faced by every single Muslims every day has never been there and the credit goes to OIC.

The major stake holders of OIC have been busy in extravagance and brazen immorality for years now while they keep ignoring the plight of brutally murdered Palestinians, starving kids of Yemen and other dying citizens of gulf. UAE and Saudi Arabia hold most of the powers in OIC and they have proven to be disastrous.

They are lured by money, women and cars of west so much that they value adultery and wine more than the continence of Muslim women and blood of kids of Syria, Yemen and Palestine. The only place where they have successfully exhibited their muscle is the Yemen where millions of kids are going to die of starvation. The OIC needed to be buried a long time ago but it somehow survived. The Israel-UAE peace deal, however, is the last nail in the coffin. The OIC must go!

The dismal OIC may be in its worst position right now for failing Muslims of Middle-East, India, Kashmir and other parts of the world but there is still some hope. The sudden growth of Pakistan and Turkey in the limelight among Muslim nations marks a new era. This era needs to see the bright light of the day.

Countries like Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Qatar have the best chance to come out and create a separate bloc of Muslim nations. The recent happenings do indicate some possibilities in making this dream a reality. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister has blatantly threatened OIC of serious consequences if OIC doesn’t become more vocal over the Kashmir issue.

The conditions around the globe favor Pakistan most and they can make this change to happen. The ambitious economic projects with China, the growing friendship with neighbors, the betterment of ties with Iran and a failing and falling OIC is all Pakistan needs. We all know that Iran, Malaysia and Turkey have openly confirmed support to Pakistan. Now when Turkey has announced a possibility of breaking ties with UAE there are clear indications that we may see a bloc of Muslim countries who would stand for Muslims with letter and spirit.

While all this is happening Muslims across the world must stay positive and, most importantly, united. The rise of east is evident and with eastern rise the prophecy of an eastern Muslim bloc can be proven right. Let us wait and watch as things unfold in front of our eyes!

(The writer is associated with Youth Parliament of Jammu and Kashmir and may be contacted at: [email protected])

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