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Kulgam qualifier says hard work holds the key

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Kulgam: For Asif Yousuf Tantray who cracked the UPSC exam on Tuesday, the news of him making to the coveted service was like a dream coming true.
Asif Yousuf son of Mohammad Yousuf Tantray of Hablish village of Kulgam ranked 328th in UPSC exam had started preparations for the UPSC examination since 2016.
“All one needs is to work hard and show consistency while preparing for the exams. Besides, one needs to be highly motivated and then one can achieve any goal in his life,” Asif told ‘Kashmir Vision’ at his home in Kulgam.
“By following a plan one can achieve anything in this world,” said a beaming Asif.
He said that after completing his B Tech he shifted to Delhi for seeking coaching in 2016.
“Since them I worked hard and finally I achieved what I had desired for many years,” he said.
He said that it was the support of his family members since his childhood that he managed to achieve this feat.
“Reaching this stage was not easy without their support and I thank them wholeheartedly for supporting me in whatever the circumstances were,” he added.
“It is not only about UPSC or any other examination. For each and every goal of life, we need to struggle, work hard and then luck also favours those who put in their efforts as well,” he said.
Asif said that with sheer dedication and hard work any dream can come true.
He said that the youth in Kashmir have the talent to get through any examination.
“Nothing is impossible and you can crack even the toughest of exams in the world provided you are motivated, you show consistency and you work day and night,” he advised the youth.
He said that suicide incidents among the youth are increasing mainly due to depression.
“The youth who are depressed must share their problem with parents and friends who can support him to come out of depression and motivate him about achieving his goal,” added Asif.
He said that whatever department or service he will be offered his sole motive will be to serve the people.
He thanked his parents, brothers, sister and his friends and relatives for their support.

Jahangeer Ganaie

Jahangeer Ganaie is a reporter and covers regional news and can be contacted [email protected]

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