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COVID-19 recovered patients pose no threat of transmission: Dr Naveed Shah

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SRINAGAR: Kashmir’s leading pulmonologist and head Chest Disease Hospital Srinagar Dr Naveed Nazir Shah Monday said Srinagar will soon move into the stage of discharging recovered COVID-19 patients and it was important to understand that these persons are now as normal as others.
He said while it is understandable that people are scared of this disease and one must take all precautions as required it is important to understand that those who had it and have now recovered are just as free from it as others who don’t have it.
Dr Naveed said the stigma that has been seen as having been attached to someone affected with this infection is uncalled-for and it is important to end it for all societies to live a normal life.
He said there is no risk of transmission after a patient has recovered and become negative for the viral load — adding however that as a precaution the recovered person must remain under quarantine for the required period after discharge from the hospital.
The doctor said all such persons should keep themselves isolated from others until their home quarantine – following hospital release – has completed — adding that relatives and friends should also not go visit them until their said quarantine has completed.

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