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Tackling coronavirus

Tackling coronavirus
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Though the administration in most of the state’s have gone on an alert mode since the past few week the increasing numbers of the infected cases of coronavirus in India is showing that more strict measures are needed.

Just within days the number across India has crossed hundreds with almost fresh case being reported daily. While the increased figures of positive cases popping up there is a growing clamour that more tough measures need to be taken.

AS of now we can say that the COVID-19 threat is far from being over and it is becoming so grave and threatening for the people in India that harsh measures need to be followed to curtail the spread.

The COVID-19 virus is just marking its presence in India and given the highly contagious nature of the virus the coming few days can be crucial for all of us.

The corona threat is still being taken lightly and people though knowing the status of healthcare facilities across India are not taking enough precautions to help protect themselves and their families.

In Kashmir the officialdom is taking the people for a ride. Not only did a police official help his COVID-19 positive relative escape the screening at the airport but even the medico daughter in law of the patient joined her duties at the hospital in Srinagar and performed surgical procedures for the day and attended the OPD the next day. Though the woman doctor has tested negative for the corona infection but every time we cannot have lady luck on our side.

The VIP treatment of the lone coronavirus infected woman did not end here. Many protocols were violated in SKIMS hospital during the treatment procedure followed to treat her, putting the lives of many patients and even healthcare professionals at risk.

 We in our columns are not targeting the woman patient or the officials who are related to her, but we want to make them realize that resorting to VIP culture cannot be the answer to keep the dreaded virus away.

The fight against coronavirus needs a committed approach from all of us and if people, even those who cannot sit at home are not taking a risk by coming out and go to work, why can’t those who are well off and enjoy certain positions as well reflect the same by their actions and deeds.

Coronavirus can be defeated and we can take a cue from those countries that have struggled hard to find a way for others. China is not reporting any fresh domestic case besides fresh causalities of coronavirus . This means that the country has been able to contain the virus and secure the life of its citizens.

We do not have the technological inventions like the Chinese have, but we surely possess the same thinking capabilities that we can put to work in these testing times.

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