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Adversity should make us wiser

Adversity should make us wiser
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People in Kashmir valley have been used to living in abnormal circumstances. From the last three decades we have been living and thriving of course, in these abnormal situations and at times the world has been envious about our social practices and our determination to survive during the toughest of times.

Kashmir’s history has been a witness that people here are so resilient like our environs, that people have not given up to even the toughest of situations. However, the stress that the people have borne during the past three decades, it seems has taken its toll.

This is evident from the fact that every now and then when a testing situation is knocking at our doors our first reaction is resorting to hording and accumulating essentials to survive. This trait of ours can be at times useful, but to believe that it will always be beneficial is silly.

Today people in most of the localities in Srinagar resorted to hording essentials that are needed for our day to day survival. In many localities people came in close contact with each other jostling and pushing their way to get hold on some grocery items and other essentials.

Reports said that people in large numbers were seen at shops in many parts of Srinagar, notwithstanding calls of health officials and administration to avoid assemblies.

Whether the reason was instinct or fear, one thing was clear that such type of crowding should have been avoided. It is detrimental to get so close to each other when coronavirus has already made its presence felt in Kashmir.

We have glaring examples of people on various social media platforms who have been advising those who are still left out that precautions and care are the only means and ways to defeat the deadly virus.

These people have been crying their throats dry informing us that social distancing and ignoring social protocols- are the need of the hour as the people have a very high chance of contracting the virus through physical contact only.

Just remember the first coronavirus positive case that has been recorded in Kashmir. The person due to ignorance and of course-a grave faux pass by the authorities as well-has landed most of his relation and others into trouble.

We have certain necessities and those cannot be ignored, but at the same time securing a two square meal is less important than securing one’s life. This suggestion is all the more important as the coronavirus as of now has no treatment available which made it so deadly even in countries that have an established healthcare facility with all the backup support.

People in Kashmir during these testing times have to act wisely. Our one single step can lead our entire family into trouble. So please be patient and do not worry for the supplies. They will come definitely, for many among us are not keeping mum. They are acting and their actions will ensure that nobody sleeps with an empty stomach. Have faith in God this phase too will pass. But our actions can make it easier and tougher as well for us.

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