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Doctors’ body asks to avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals

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Srinagar: A doctors’ body on Tuesday urged the people of Kashmir to avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals to prevent the transmission of coronavirus that has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation.
In a statement, the Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) said hospitals remain abuzz with hundreds of patients and their attendants. Therefore, people should not visit these places unnecessarily.
“We know this may cause challenges particularly for families having patients in hospitals, but we can collectively play a role in curtailing the spread of this virus,” DAK president Suhail Naik said.
He said people should cooperate with medicos to safeguard the lives of patients.
“It is a fact that our hospitals are epicentre of communicable diseases. Therefore, it is advised to visit hospitals only in extenuating circumstances,” he added.
The association said it appreciates the steps taken by the administration like closure of educational institutions and other public places saying more needs to be done to contain the spread of the virus.
The association recommended that only one attendant should accompany a sick person to the hospital.
“Please do not come to hospitals for deworming, appetite and tonics,” the association said while appealing people not to bring children unnecessarily to hospitals.

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