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COVID-19 continues to haunt people

COVID-19 continues to haunt people
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As the COVID-19 continues to haunt people across the globe, Jammu and Kashmir too has risen to the threat in a serious manner. The administration not only declared COVID-19 as an epidemic but also announced several measures to check the spread of this deadly virus.

Now with the declaration, the surveillance personnel have been authorized to enter any premises to check upon a person having symptoms of coronavirus. Moreover, presence of any suspect patient at a public place has been declared hazardous to public safety.

If the person is found to be infected with the coronavirus, the surveillance personnel can put them in home quarantine, or escort them to institutional quarantine facility or an isolation facility.

The declaration also makes it mandatory for all the medical officials and practitioners including registered private medical practitioners including AYUSH to notify persons to the concerned district surveillance unit alongwith dully filled up self-declaration forms of persons having travel history to the COVID-19 affected countries.

The administration move to close entry in civil secretariat and other directorate offices till March 31 is also a step that will help in less movement of people and reduce contact levels.

Though the move can be detrimental for various public services and developmental issues but the need of the hour is to stay safe and help protect ourselves and the people we care for.

The admin also needs to set out an agenda for itself keeping in view the expected  gathering of people in large numbers during religious festivals and gatherings. Though notifications have been issued to halt them altogether or minimize the participation of people but it is being observed that people have not been taking the threat so seriously.

The admin should ensure that all prominent religious leaders are reached out to advising them to convince people to reduce/avoid gatherings during such times so as to keep any sort of virus transmission in check.

Besides, such measures government authorities should also ensure massive fumigation drive at Hospitals, Airports, Railway Stations, Bus stand and otyher such places where the footfall remains active throughout the day.

Not only should the routine modes of public transport be also fumigated but all incoming transport services from other states should also be sanitized at entry points on the main highway.

The government also needs to launch a sustained awareness campaign through all available means so that there is no panic and that people get educated about precautions and protocol to be followed in an event of contact with a suspect case.

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