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Gulmarg winter games to begin despite advisory to avoid mass gatherings

Gulmarg winter games to begin despite advisory to avoid mass gatherings
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Srinagar: At a time when Coronavirus is creating fear among general masses and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued advisory banning mass gatherings, the stage is set for the Khelo India Winter Games here in ski-resort Gulmarg.
Gulmarg will see large gatherings from March 7 to 11. These games have come under sharp criticism and have become of butt of jokes on social media networking sites.
As per the advisory issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, experts across the world have advised to reduce mass gatherings to avoid the spread of fatal Coronavirus disease.
“In this connection, it is advised that mass gatherings may be avoided or possibly to postponed till the disease spread is contained.
These first ever Khelo India Winter Games will see around 900 participants while the Union Minister for Sports Kiran Rijju has already reached Gulmarg.
“In wake of Coronovirus threat and fear, people from different shades of society took to social media networking sites and criticized the organizers’ for holding this five day extravaganza event.
“This is not a winter games event but a national Coronavirus event where an opportunity to deadly virus will be given to expand, swell and spread,” Jahangir Ahmed, a Twitter user wrote.
Senior Journalist Ahamed Ali Fayaaz in his facebook post wrote: “At a time when Central and different State Governments across India are cancelling all events and celebrations, even dimming the Holi festivities, to ensure that Coronavirus doesn’t spread and turn epidemic, Government of Jammu and Kashmir should not have proceeded with the scheduled Khelo India winter sports event at Gulmarg. Government at the top echelons should properly assess the situation and if necessary cancel this huge gathering of outsiders in Kashmir at this point of time.” (KNT)

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