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Luring the investors

Luring the investors
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As the Jammu and Kashmir administration plans to organize the first ever global investor summit calling for massive investment in the region, various plans are in the offing to turn the event successful.

The admin has initiated grand road-shows which were kick started on Monday from two big metro cities of Bengaluru and Kolkata. The road shows are aimed at allowing prospective investors have a dialogue on the immense investment opportunities presented by the verdant region.

Providing a platform for the business communities to deliberate upon how the newly formed Union Territory’s potential may be leveraged, the road-shows will cover numerous cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmadabad in the month of February and March 2020.

The road-shows intend to get along business hubs to draw together investors, decision-makers, senior government officials and the local business community in a stimulating dialogue that can spur the region’s industrial growth and manufacturing across 14 identified focus sectors.

The investors are being lured towards Jammu and Kashmir and the admin is promising two IT parks with plug and play facility. Besides, the government is also in the process of finalizing a new industrial promotion policy.

The move is aimed at creating immense opportunities for skilled manpower in the UT and the government is offering productive incentives and relaxations in several industry sectors.

Primarily, the government intends to seek investment for setting up residential schools, smart schools and skill centres in Jammu and Kashmir. Even though the road shows are a mere beginning, but the results have started to pour in.

These parallel road-shows consist of a series of round-table discussions and networking opportunities including G2B, B2G and B2B meetings, all conducted via strategic sector-specific sessions to maximise industrial growth and employment opportunities. The event was attended by 245 delegates and 33 B2G meetings were held. 34 no of MoU with total worth of 2847 crores were signed during both parallel road shows.

Various corporate groups like Flipkart has committed market access through its Samarth portal. Oracle, a software gaint proposed an excellence centre and collaboration with educational institutions to provide free software support as part of its Oracle academy.

And there are many others who are keen to seeking details for ensuring participation in the investment schemes in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, the summit can be termed as a success when investors announce to setup various units and plants in reality so as to help the region to move out of the economic backwardness.

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