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Move beyond advisories; reach out to people of Kashmir: Sajad Lone to New Delhi

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir government’s latest order asking tourists and Amarnath Yatris pack up from Kashmir have pushed the valley into a “state of hopelessness and scare”, Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Gani Lone said on Saturday.
In a statement, Lone said the multiple orders had “created an environment of fear and uncertainty”.
“It is important that the government of the day does not fall into the trap of treating Kashmir as part of the geography. There is no doubt that Kashmir has geographical dimensions but equally important is the fact that Kashmir has human dimensions. It is inhabited by more than 7 million people which includes mothers, sisters, children, old, infirm, sick and as a society, they need to move on in life. There are dreams and dreamers here like the rest of the country and the least that the government can do is to afford the dreamers a chance to dream about their future as in the rest of the country,” Lone said.
Lone asked the government to move beyond the “flood of advisories on troop deployment and asking yatris and tourists to return home”.
“The government of the day has to take a call. They cannot keep on communicating with the inhabitants through advisories,” he added.
He appealed the Central Government to clear the confusion and reach out to the people of Kashmir.
Lone said the “scare, confusion, chaos had left Kashmiris “in a state of psychological distress”.
“The scare is not perpetual; neither can scare be made a permanent feature. Communicating to its own people, reaching out to them is the most essential thing that the government of the day can do. It is already very late but still they come and clear the air,” he added.

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