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JKSECC dismayed over ‘panic’ created by govt advisories

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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Socio Economic Coordination Committee (JKSECC), an amalgam of various trade bodies and civil society groups has conveyed its dismay over “distressing environment of extraordinary panic created by advisories issued by various government agencies and the rumours doing rounds”.
A spokesperson of the JKSECC said that a meeting of the amalgam was held in Srinagar which, among the representatives of constituent member organizations of JKSECC, was also attended by prominent business leaders of the apex and leading trade organizations, as special invitees.
The members in the meeting, as per the spokesperson, expressed surprise over the thundering silence, adopted over the issue, by concerned government authorities resulting in rumour mongering about some sinister plans being in the offing.
He said the members expressed their dissatisfaction over the “belated and half-hearted statement of the Governor that deals more in whataboutery than helping in putting these rumours to rest.”
“The Governor has not given any explanation to the need for deployment of additional forces in the valley and that when the state government had requisitioned for it, observed the members,” added the spokesperson.
The members as per the spokesperson, said that “mere calling off written advisories and orders issued by different departments as ‘invalid’ doesn’t put the rumours to rest but instead aggravate the apprehensions in the absence of prompt action taken against the erring officials”.
“On the top of it, the political leadership of the party in power in the centre is ambiguous in its statement further adding to these rumours as fuel,” he said.
“Permit us to say that nowhere in the world do the Governments scare their own citizens by deliberately providing space to rumour mongering about some nasty and preposterous plans, supposedly being on the anvil, that would hugely impact human lives, felt the members,” he quoted the JKSECC members as saying.
He said that the constituents “made it clear that the business community being inseparable part of the society cannot watch any development as mute spectators but will join others in resisting such a move in a befitting manner”.
“JKSECC has time and again reiterated that any or all attempts to alter any legal and constitutional position or demography of Jammu and Kashmir was unacceptable and shall be resisted tooth and nail by all,” the spokesperson added.
The members also stressed for larger unity among the business and other civil society formations, apart from others, “to fight the sinister plans, if any, together”.

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