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Congress needs an elixir

Congress needs an elixir
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The grand old party has really grown old. This is evident from the fact that the party has not been able to achieve any electoral successes except capture power in three states months back. Rest as they say is history.
The Congress is faced with a severe crisis. The crisis erupted soon after the poll debacle and the decision of the Congress President Rahul Gandhi to step down from the partyís top post. Since then the party has not been able to come to the terms and so has its top leadership failed to come out with some revival plan.
There is a growing vacuum in the party as of now. It is almost a month now that the party chief made his ëI quití statement public and from that day onwards no leader had the capacity and authority to come out and demand that a new leadership needs to take over to revive the party.
Congress has to prepare for five state assembly elections which include the all important state of Jammu and Kashmir. Elections, besides JK are scheduled to take place in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Haryana and Delhi. However, the way things are shaping up in the party, the revival seems a farfetched dream.
The workers in the party are in disarray and the leadership it seems is groping in the dark. The party has been so dominantly been in the grip of family politics that no option other that the Gandhi family is even being discussed to take on the mantle of the partyís leadership.
Even today the party is appointing office bearers and the appointments are being made in the name of the party president who has already put in his papers and has not been attending to the partyís needs.
The party workers in the Congress on whose shoulders the entire gamut of electoral politics is being played is so disillusioned that they see no hope for the party to see any revival in near future. The party workers have either conceded defeat much ahead of even starting a war or have put their hope in some divine intervention.
The highest decision making body, the Congress Working Committee (CWC) which had to take a call after Rahulís exit has failed the party workers yet again. The CWC has not meat and no decision on appointing a new party chief is even discussed in private.
Senior leaders who have contributed for the party feel isolated and the younger ones are feeling the pressure of repeated failures in electoral arena. Such is the situation that no young leader has the ability to come forward and spell some ideas to help the party tread on a revival path.
In a state like Jammu and Kashmir, Congress could have provided a much needed alternative to the various political options, but things seem to be no different here too. The JKPCC is a divided house with senior leaders running in different directions and lacking any cohesion.
If the trend continues both at the national and state level, the future of the party will become so bleak that its revival will take decades together, which of course the party cannot afford.

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