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The ideal one year preparation for CLAT 2020

The ideal one year preparation for CLAT 2020
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A degree in law has got huge popularity since many decades, and the reason which makes it a favorable choice for students is primarily that the course is neutral

Amandeep Rajgotra

CLAT 2019 examinations were successfully conducted recently and provided the ambitious platform to many law aspirants. Yet many of them, who were just short of the mark to make it, should focus on their preparation strategy to come over their previous mistakes. As the exams will be conducted next year to fulfill the dreams of many other aspirants, early preparation will help them provide an upper hand in excelling CLAT 2020 examination.
A degree in law has got huge popularity since many decades, and the reason which makes it a favorable choice for students is primarily that the course is neutral to all the streams whether commerce or engineering. Further, it has huge scope in terms of career and respect in the society.
Looking into the larger picture for the future and career aspects in law, it is not that simple as it may seem. Preparing for law demands a lot of focus along with determination and perseverance to crack the beast like entrance exams for the most reputed law colleges in India. Many aspirants lose the chances of fulfilling their dreams assuming the journey frivolously.
With a wide variety of opportunities, degree in law give huge scope of career in paralegal, detective, litigators, lawyers, judicial services, social work and working as corporate lawyers in MNCs, banks and also starting one’s own business respectively. Students and Parents both need to understand how important the foundational step of clearing the entrance exam is and parents need to decide whether they want their child to have fun now and struggle later when the focus shifts to board class in order to score a good percentage for a good college.
Hence the pre requisite hard work required to crack the exam is well evident.Studying at the 11th hour is never a fruitful exercise, it does not fetch the students much benefit, but if they make it a regular routine to prepare for a paper which is a multiple choice question based exam with a disciplined outlook, they are sure to achieve their goals. It’s always good to have a path and vision from an early age.
Preparing for entrance exam of LAW is no rocket science and to understand how, it is always better to start the preparation a year before than to have last minute stress and mistakes. Syllabus procrastinated to the last minute creates anxiety and confusion for students that leads to demeaning the confidence of students appearing for competitive entrance exams, hence it is very much important to start the preparation well on time before it’s too late. The law entrance exam CLAT is now offline. The major sections in the paper are-General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, English, Logical Reasoning and Mathematics.
The difficulty level of an entrance exam seems to increase because as a student we lack:
a) Time Management: It becomes very important for a student to focus on class 12th boards and to prepare for entrance examinations altogether. It becomes essential for the student to maintain a balance between the two exams. As one is important for you to get an admission based on marks and the other gets you a chance to study in a premier academic institution through an entrance examination.
b) Attentive: Generally, most of the entrance examinations take place in the month of April, which is just after the board examination that leaves students with very less time to prepare and revise the syllabus of entrance examinations. So it is important to ensure that one has adequately covered the syllabus way before boards begin so that they can easily switch to the course to revise for their competitive exams when boards end.
c) Regular Practice: It is important for students to spare time to put their efforts in keeping pace with constant practice. This include solving last year papers to get the idea of the format of the questions in the next exam and giving regular mock tests to prepare yourself within the time. For example, the legal Aptitude section of the exam expects the student to solve complex legal reasoning problems as well as know all the important legal affairs for the last one year as well. So, preparing young minds early can prove extremely beneficial for students. It’s like molding clay into a shape when it’s still wet which is why it stays for a longer duration.
d) Planning – In the initial stage, the syllabus looks humongous but when segregated and planned perfectly it becomes much easier. As it is well said consistent efforts always tend to make you more confident. Preparing for such exams require at least few hours of practice every day to crack the entrance exams, which is an addition to a busy schedule.
As an aspirant, students should know their pain points like Vocabulary. Vocabulary cannot be mastered overnight and requires a constant effort. Current Affairs are also an ongoing process to make or break section in any competitive examination.The mission is to equip every student with the ability to fulfill his/her dreams of getting admission in a reputed law college and make their dream into a reality. We all are aware of the proverb ‘early bird catches the worm’; similarly earlier the students start preparing for their entrance preparation better will be the result leading the students to have a brighter future.

(Amandeep Rajgotra is National Product Head –LAW-Pratham Education, New Delhi)

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