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Governor’s appeal to militants to kill corrupt politicians indicates failure of system: Er Rasheed

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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Governor, Satya Pal Malik’s recent statement in which he asked militants to kill corrupt politicians was a confession that the state administration has failed to act on its own against corruption, AIP President, Er Rasheed said on Monday.
Reacting to Governor’s revelations claiming involvement of few Ex Minister’s in corruption and other scams, Rasheed said that any step taken with sincerity to eradicate corruption should be welcomed”.
In a statement, Rasheed said it was “most appropriate to take bigger fishes to task on priority”.
“However asking militants to kill corrupt politicians is a confession that government has miserably failed to handle the issue and has thus sought militants help to eradicate corruption,” he added.
Rasheed said politicians in the state had “earned fortunes out of sufferings of masses” adding that “bigger fishes in police and civil administration are not far behind”.
“There could hardly be someone who might not have indulged in corruption on getting an opportunity to reach corridors of power,” Rasheed said.
He seconded governor Malik in alleging corruption against ex Ministers, but said that “need of the hour is not to confine the movement against corruption against few individuals and let blue eyed looters run free”.
Rasheed alleged that constitutional provisions had been “misused and many have become commissioners, managing directors, executive engineers and heads of departments despite not being eligible for such posts”.
Governor Malik asking militants to attack corrupt politicians meant “that he has lost hope in the system and out of sincerity is seeking help from militants,” Rasheed said.
He said the governor’s appeal to militants “should be seen in right perspective and one must understand that militants are not aliens and one way or the other governance should be their concern as well.”
Rasheed also hit out at Omar Abdullah for reactingto governor’s statement, but not uttering “even a single word when Income Tax Department carried out raids on NC senior leader Abdul Rahim Rather’s business establishments”.
He said that New Delhi had “never been serious and had given free hand to its proxies from time to time to loot state”.
He allege that the enquiry on accusations of land grabbing against Ex Congress Minister Taj Mohidin in South Kashmir the entire “was closed after he expressed his displeasure and used his so called loyalty and pro Indian credentials to defend huge charges against him.
“And it was strange enough that the entire issue disappeared from the government files,” Rasheed said.

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