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NC’s silence on Vikramaditya’s remarks on 1931 martyrs shameful: Vakil

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Srinagar: Peoples Conference senior vice president and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil on Friday strongly condemned the statement of senior Congress leader Vikramaditya Singh disrespecting the martyrs of July 13, 1931 who were shot dead by the then Maharaja’s forces.
Vakil said that Vikramaditya Singh’s remarks on the innocent Kashmiris, who were brutally killed by the Maharaja’s forces on 13 July, 1931 were “not only offensive and noxious but also a gives an idea of the sick mindset of Congress leaders.”
Vakil accused the Congress leadership of being the “mother of all ills in Kashmir”.
“Congress leadership is more vicious and vile than RSS-BJP and responsible for all the mess in Kashmir,” he added.
He said that the Congress was “responsible for eroding the autonomy of the state right from 1953 till the fall of the Omar-led NC-Congress coalition government in 2014”.
“They changed the nomenclature of political administration by re-designating the Sadr-e-Riyasat and Prime Minister as Governor and Chief Minister.”
Vakil also hit out at the National Conference leadership for not speaking against the Congress leader.
The NC leadership’s silence on the statement of Vikramaditya Singh, Vakil said, was “shameful and exposes their duplicity and moral bankruptcy”.
“While on the one hand they pretend to value the sacrifices of the martyrs of July 13 and on the other they watch their alliance partners abuse and disrespect the martyrs with folded hands. They are quiet because they don’t want to annoy the Congress leadership”, he added.
Vakil further accused the NC of “selectively paying homage to the martyrs of 1931 while forgetting about those who were massacred during their rule”.
“While the NC remembers the sacrifices of the martyrs of July 13, 1931, they have conveniently forgotten about the thousands who have died during their regimes,” he said.
“Are those who sacrificed their lives fighting for rights and dignity of Kashmiris not as sacred as the martyrs of 1931?” asked Vakil.
He said it was time the society values their sacrifices “and decide on a day to remember those innocent Kashmiris who were killed during the NC & PDP governments over the last 3 decades.”

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