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DAK demands blanket ban on junk food inside school premises

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Srinagar: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Saturday demanded a blanket ban on the sale of junk and preserved foods inside school premises.
In a statement issued here, the DAK said that besides improvement in education, the Governor led administration must also look after the nutritional and health conditions of children in the state.
“Improvement in education without having a good health condition or nutrition is impossible. It is unfortunate that today’s generation depends mainly on junk and preserved foods.
President DAK, Dr Suhail Naik, who is himself a senior pediatrician said that junk and preserved foods actually provide unnecessary extra fat and sugar which leads to health problems including obesity and diabetes.
The children eating junk food cannot put their best in the classes after recess break because the junk foods contain refined sugar in them causing secretion of high quantity of insulin, Dr Naik added.
“The school canteens selling junk foods like chips, aerated drinks, samosas and burgers are putting the health of our next generation at higher risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension stroke and cardiovascular accidents,” he said.
Dr Naik said there were various studies on children’s health that have recommended to strictly ban the sale of any kind of junk foods in the school canteens.
Dr Owais H Dar, General secretary DAK said that after a lot of research by the Food Standards Authority of India, the experts have suggested that sugar and saturated fats contained in the junk foods do more harm in the body than any good. “Introduction of fresh vegetables and fruits in the school canteens can prevent the children from diseases like hypertension and obesity. The initiative of transferring the food habits of the students from junk to fresh fruits and salads will determine their future food habits and health,” he added.
The DAK has requested Advisor in-charge for Health and Medical Education Department, K Vijay Kumar and Principal Secretary HME, Atal Dullo to look into the matter and pass necessary directions and advisories in this regard to ensure safety and sound health of the school going children.

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