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With eyes on Ramadan, all woman religious school launches traffic awareness program

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Srinagar: In a first, a Srinagar based all women religious seminary has launched a Ramadan special traffic awareness program.
Jamia Islamia Mahdul Muslimat, an all woman religious institute based in Barzalla has issued flyers to begin with.
Chairperson of the institute Mubeena Ramzan said that since people throng mosques during the month of Ramadan this is the ripe time to start the campaign.
“Of many problems commuters face on roads is due to people not complying with traffic rules,” she said.
She said that they will not be publishing any Ramadan calendars but have instead printed fliers which are being distributed among the masses.
“We published 20 thousand fliers to begin with and we are planning to campaign for the same generating awareness about importance of ‘behaving on roads’,” she said.
For Mubeena, this too is a good deed which needs to be done ‘immediately’.
“There is a mess on roads, people unnecessarily park vehicles on roads and resort to honking,” she said.
“It’s going to be difficult,” Mubeena thinks, but needs to be done any way.
Being all women institute might not get them access to every place; however, she says that mosques are filled to the brink in the month of Ramadan and that is the place people need to be sensitized.
“Every religious gathering we will hold or are invited to we will be holding special lectures on following traffic rules and how much important it is,” Mubeena says, adding that the program is not men specific.
“Women as well drive cars, own scooties, they too need to be made aware of all these things,” she says.
According to her it is high time the society becomes conscious that ‘doing good deeds and being good encompasses our daily lives’.
Pertinently, Mubeena was mentioned among the 500 Muslim influential global leaders in 2018.

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