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Is caring for a human being subservient to our religious beliefs

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God has bestowed religions what so ever, to make this human life to live with a discipline, comfort and with harmony with others

Kuchay Yusuf

God has created this universe with a lot of beautiful things in different forms. Among all the human kind has been bestowed with all beauty and peculiarity which others have not. Human beings have the most wonderful blessing that they can walk, talk, speak and think in a perfect way.
Humans have got a characteristic of sympathy which unites them and makes them the best among all creatures of this animal kingdom. God has bestowed religions what so ever, to make this human life to live with a discipline, comfort and with harmony with others. It leads to equal rights for all human and rights for other animal creatures. Different laws and constitutions have been made by the mankind living anywhere with the ultimate aim to preserve the rights and lives, to live and let others to live under guarantees comfort and harmony.
Although the mankind is having the best place in this universe and has the top priority and preference in living and enjoying the life provided by the creator but the human intentions are different. Genetically human being is an animal in nature. His intentions resemble with animals at occasions because he is one among the animal world.
Human is materialistic in nature. He has adopted different style of living which sometimes goes against the purpose of his creation. He was created with sympathetic behavior but he has proved asympathtic. He was created to live with harmony and peace but he used to live in conflicts and misery.
Now science and technology has proved laurels and the ultimate aim was to make the mankind to live altogether but the same technology has been utilized against the human and other creatures.
Now a days the destruction on account of human interference, wars, conflicts whether tribal, religious, regional, gender, political, national or international has made the life troublesome. There is unease, unrest everywhere in every stage of life. The children are facing child abuse in one way or the other.
Females are being disrespected and molested. Youth are silenced on one pretext or the other. The graphics of unemployment, drug culture and social evils have risen. Elderly people lack company of their family so old age homes have come into being.
Some are lacking food to eat but some have enough to make waste of it. Some need clothing to wear over their bare bodies but some have enough to waste it in making flags and banners.
The weapons and war fare equipments were made for the protection of mankind but is anybody looking safe. Human kills human but for what..? Animals are spared but humans are not…! Thousands of people and children lack basic amenities but are debarred and showered with bullets and warfare weapons.
We have lost every sympathy for mankind. Our relations with nature are all left aside. We have lost the tune of existence. We were created with superiority but we proved inferiority. We were made to help others but we proved helpless and harmful to our own race.
On the way from Awantipora to Srinagar, a piece of land at Galander Pampore is not hidden to anybody. Travelling through the Saffron lands surrounded by a far off snow clad mountains with blooming indigenous tulips, gulals and other varieties of flowers makes one happy and joyous enough giving him a feeling as if he is wandering in real paradise.
The serenity refreshes minds with blowing breeze to recall the existence of nature. Everybody thanks the Almighty for creating such a world for human beauty. But on reaching the spot near four way crossing, one’s mood ultimately takes a ‘ U ‘ turn on seeing the tent habitation of seasonal nomadic people from other parts of India.
The physical as well as the demotic style of living of the inmates, compels one to think as to how their living may be. What resource is available for their living? They are although performing a very good job of making brooms, which almost no one is doing or can do in the culture of this land state. Their contribution is enough as their products (brooms) are very much important for our household but now days the higher market and low income doesn’t make their living better.
They are seen living in tents with nuclear family culture having a good number of children in every tent. They are seen with poor passion, wearing torn clothes with unlearned, unfashioned and unkempt hair. The children are seen knocking on window panes when your car slows a little on the road near their slums.
They present themselves with a pity full face and leaning neck, bare feet, body with or without clothes with the hands forward moving from one vehicle to another thus begging the whole days.
On seeing this, instead one is enough courageous to help or think of their future, shrinks his nose, closes his window panes and diverts his attention, thereby leaving them unheard and craving for any help. The inmates are busy in making the brooms, some thrashing these on a set of nails to make them broadly and good looking while some females are seen busy in cooking what so ever is available.
Some are seen carrying water from far-off human habitations. The condition is pathetic, health care is non-existent, no school for children and no basic facilities are made available to them.
Except the bright sunshine and refreshing air provided by the Almighty God these hapless people have nothing to enjoy. Can such an apathetic condition of these people be helped by way of providing the basic facilities like health care, schooling of their children, drinking water facilities, new tents to save their families from dust sunny and rainy atmosphere, power supply, clothing and with all other facilities required as basic needs on keeping the humanity in mind.
The government machinery and social reformers, NGO’s, the people in general should take a step forward in this regard beyond considering the religion, region, caste, creed, colour and other things in mind. Because they are also human in nature.
It is a nomadic life facing a lot of troubles. These are a forgotten lot without the basic facilities of living available. This is a human issue and needs a proper care and attention and to stop the begging culture too. This gives a wrong signal outside. Their living can ordinarily be made easy and comfortable without a permanent ship so that new ethnic, regional settlement, cultural or religious crisis may not be given any vent to happen in this already disturbed state. They either settle their tents in this state with a certain hope otherwise they have enough available in other parts of India. You may or may not agree……?)

The writer is a teacher by profession)

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