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Removing the deadwood

Removing the deadwood
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The government of Jammu and Kashmir has started a process of removing the deadwood from the administration and some steps were initiated in this regard some years back. However, the move met a dead end as the process to bring in reforms and transparency in the administration could not move further.
Jammu and Kashmir is ranking quite high on the corruption list and removing the dead wood from the administration should have been on top of the agenda. Even in terms of reviewing the performance among the IAS officers also the states of Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Tripura and Uttarakhand have not carried out intensive review of record of officers in respect of 25 years of service.
The laid back approach by the government means that no necessary measures are implemented to check corruption and deadwood from the governance.
Though the Union government is claiming to review the service records of over 1,100 officers of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in about past four years to check deadwood from the government, however, very few steps have been taken to get things moving at the pace that is required to deal with the issue.
The review was done by the central government following strict criteria with respect to officers who had completed 25 years of service or attained 50 years of age.
The review of service records of a total of 1,143 IAS officers was carried out under Rule 16 (3) of All India Services (Death-cum-Retirement Benefits) Rules, 1958 during 2015 and 2018 to check non-performers.
The rules says that the central government in consultation with the state government concerned may ask an IAS officer to retire in public interest by giving at least three months previous notice in writing or three months’ pay and allowances in lieu of such notice.
Of the total of 1,143 officers, four — two from Chhattisgarh cadre, one each from Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Mizoram and Union Territories (or AGMUT cadre) and Bihar cadre– were recommended for premature retirement from the service in public interest.
Notably, as many as 5,104 officers of the IAS, are working across the country, according to a Personnel Ministry data. However, most of the states have failed to carry out a review about the performance of these officers despite several reminders from the Union government.
The state of Jammu and Kashmir too has lagged behind as no such review is being carried out to judge the performance of the state’s bureaucracy and other officials.
The review becomes all the more important given the number of corruption cases that have come against the government officials in the state.
Besides, the state has earned the number two rank among the corrupt states which had made the performance review of officials compulsory. The review of officers services and conduct is a must so that they do not lack in performing their duty towards people. Those found non-performing need to bid good bye from the government service and the ones performing need to be rewarded to ensure good governance.

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