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Cutting down on supplies

Cutting down on supplies
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The Highway blockade is presenting a new set of problems with every passing day. Now those associated with various trades like fruit, vegetables and mutton have raised their concerns and have threatened to go on an indefinite strike.
The fruit and mutton traders in Kashmir have been alleging that the highway blockade is costing them dearly. The traders say that the trucks laden with perishable items like fruits and vegetables are put to a halt on the highway for days together.
The fruits and vegetables business had already taken a hit by the highway blockade as no movement of fruit and vegetable laden trucks from Kashmir region was being allowed on daily basis. This had meant loses for the trade as the government had failed to provide any relief for the traders and businessmen.
Now the government’s inaction on this crucial issue will lead to more problems as Association of the Fruit Mandi dealers in Parimpora are planning to go for an indefinite strike from Monday April 29 to protest against the routine stopping of fruit and vegetables-laden vehicles on the Jammu Srinagar Highway near Udhampur.
This move will leave the valley scrambling for want of supplies as no fresh supply of vegetables and fruits will arrive in the valley. The problem will be compounded further if the present status of mutton supply to the valley too is not addressed.
The mutton dealers are also complaining halt of trucks carrying livestock to the valley from the past many weeks now. The abrupt halt of these trucks has already started to show its impact in the valley as the meat and its allied products are running in short supply.
The mutton dealers have in fact taken the people for a ride as the cost of mutton has been abruptly raised to Rupees 500 a kilo and the government is acting as a mute spectator on this issue as well.
The curtailing of supplies to the valley is a grave issue and this needs to be taken up on war footing and get it resolved. The cut in supplies will not only spell a disaster here but will also add to the woes of traders associated with these trades.
The Fruit and Vegetable Mandi at Parimpora comprises of more than 300 shops and around 3000 people are directly associated with it for earning their livelihood. Similarly, thousands of people are also associated with the mutton trade across the valley and if the supplies of these essential commodities takes a hit these people and their families to will have to face starvation.
The halt in supplies will also come at a time when the auspicious month of Ramadhan is all set to begin from the first week of May. During this month the government’s efforts should be to ensure better supply of essentials in the market so that the people do not face any trouble, but the way things are moving it seems that the coming days will prove to be harsh for the people in the valley.

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