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No space for expressing dissent available, says D Raja

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Calls Modi regime an example of ‘dictatorial governance’

Thiruvananthapuram: Describing the Narendra Modi government as a regime of “dictatorial governance”, CPI national secretary D Raja said the country’s future was at stake and democracy in peril as there is no space for expressing dissent or for questioning government policies.
“If someone questions or criticises the government, they are dubbed anti-nationals,” Raja said.
“Here the RSS and the Sangh Parivar are trying to impose their Hindutva agenda. During the past five years, there has been a systematic attack on all institutions.
Modi spoke maximum governance and minimum government.
In fact it has become maximum Modi and minimum or minus governance,” Raja told PTI in an interview here.
He alleged that in a systematic attack, affecting the credibility of CBI, ED, Election Commission, the institutions are being undermined and misused.
Highlighting the need for “a pro-people secular, democratic alternative government” at the Centre, Raja said, to address the concerns and sufferings of the “toiling masses”, the government should go.
“The Modi government has, in fact, terribly failed to manage economy. In fact it is a mismanagement of economy.
Value of the Indian Rupee has been falling down. The way they brought demonetisation, the way they implemented GST affected the economy and that is why there is distress in industrial sector…,” he said, adding that the agrarian distress faced by the country was “unprecedented.”
Raja saidwith unemployment rising as never before, the BJP had shattered the dreams of younger generation.
He claimed during the last five years unemployment has gone up at a galloping speed.
“…never happened in the past… BJP talks about 130 crore dreams but they have shattered the dreams of the younger generation.
We think in order to save the Constitution, democracy and in order to address the concerns and sufferings of the ordinary people and toiling masses, this government should go,” Raja said. The BJP and its allies must be defeated and at the Centre, there should be a pro-people secular, democratic alternative government, he added.
The CPI leader, who was in town to campaign for the LDF candidate in Thiruvananthapuram, claimed the mood in the nation was against the BJP and it has made the saffron party jittery.
“After the first phase, as per the reports, BJP was really rattled.
That’s why you find the way Modi is campaigning…
He has become abusive. Not just aggressive. The mood across the country is against the BJP and they get desperate and became abusive,” Raja said.
After the first two phases of polling, the BJP had got jittery and in Tamil Nadu, the people have decisively voted in support of the DMK combine, he claimed. (PTI)

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