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PDP has stumbled down under the weight of its own deceit, falsehood: NC

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Khanabal: National Conference on Friday asserted that the people of Kashmir have made it a point to punish PDP for deceiving them on the promises it made during 2014 elections saying that people are looking towards NC for taking the state towards safe shores.
Addressing a public meet at Khanabal party’s South Zone President Dr. Bashir Veeri said that there is no fondness for Mehbooba Mufti on ground and that the people of south Kashmir will never forgive her for unleashing torments on them.
“Today she is again coming forth with the same set of promises she made while canvassing for assembly elections in 2014. However what followed is an open secret, it cannot be articulated in words, there aren’t any alphabets that can reveal the massive pain the people of Kashmir particularly the people of south Kashmir had to go through,” he said.
Flaying Mehbooba Mufti for shedding crocodile tears on the miseries of people Veeri said, “The election time crocodile tears are political tears whose veracity is under question. Had PDP president and the Ex-Chief minister shed tears when our youth were devoured upon in 2016, it would have had any impact. One may inquire from her as to where was her concern for people when the people of Kashmir were subjected to worst of human rights violations. It was during her tenure that people were used as human shield; where her sympathy and empathy was for those who were blinded, bruised during her tenure. People are the good judge of character of PDP and its stint in power,” he said.
“When enjoying the benefits of power, she had bolted her mouth. People who voted for her, and reposed their faith in her were dejected by her changed outlook. People still remember how sordidly she mocked the death and misery of hundreds of families who had to shoulder the coffins of their beloved, with her coffee and Toffee remarks. People remember how appallingly she had asserted that the guns of security forces aren’t for display but action. She shamelessly stuck to her chair when the youth who had voted for her were being fired at. She didn’t have the gumption to bid good bye to BJP when scores of our youth, and elderly were being blinded and maimed. On the contrary she barefacedly presided over the relentless miseries of people. How can people forget her treachery and political duplicity? People across the state particularly in Kashmir are bidding goodbye to the PDP’s brand of politics, which is based on duplicity, crude lies and political shenanigans. Mehbooba is herself admitting the fact that people of the state, in particular her workers are disgruntled with her. PDP is a spent force, it never was any; the edifice of PDP has stumbled down under the weight of its own deceit and falsehood,” he said.
Veeri said that had BJP not pulled Chair she would have been sitting with them until now “today we see Mehbooba Ji taking pledges for the protection of state’s special status. How can she assume that she can fool people all the time? If she thinks on these lines then she is surely living in a fool’s paradise. There is nothing which suggests that she won’t join hands with the BJP in the future also. Moreover PDP is still in a tacit alliance with BJP; the way PDP supported BJP’s candidate for the post of deputy chairman of Lok Sabha reveals it all. Nonetheless, how can she protect the sanctity of our flag now when she couldn’t stand for the interests of Kashmir when in government with BJP? On the contrary, it was she who allowed the implementation of SARFAESI, GST and NFSA in J&K. what was left of our autonomy; Mufti’s took it upon them to obliterate it. How can she protect it now?”
Veeri said that National conference is the only party that boasts a panacea for the state’s problems. “Once in power we will make amends to the wrongs committed by the PDP-BJP combine. We will embalm the people who suffered at the hands of PDP-BJP. Besides that our leadership has already undertaken to do away with the anti youth job policy SR0-202, and Public safety act.”

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