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Real public issues are being ignored by pol parties: Hakeem Yaseen

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Srinagar: Reiterating that Article 370 and Article 35-A were irrevocable , Chairman Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) Hakeem Yaseen has ridiculed political parties both at Center and state for exploiting this issue to get political gains while ignoring the real problems confronting the masses.
He said no one talked about unemployment problem, return of power projects, safeguarding our water recourses, tourism promotion and development but only used Article 35-A as an election weapon.
Hakeem Yaseen said that instead of trumpeting drum to protect Article 35-A and Article 370, which are undoubtedly irrevocable, political parties contesting parliamentary elections in the state ought to have manifested ways and means to provide healing touch to the miseries of the people who are being ruthlessly sandwiched between the guns from two sides.
He said everyone at national and international levels know that Article 35-A and Article 370 cannot be tampered with in any way due to constitutional guarantees attached to these laws but still political parties exploited this issue in their manifestoes and election campaigns to instigate emotions for garnering votes and neglected the real issues confronting the people on the ground.
“We have some very important issues like return of our power projects, protection to our water resources, solution to the burgeoning un employment problem, revocation of draconian laws, tourism promotion, development and what not but no one vouched for these issues of basic importance and aspirations,” Hakeem Yaseen observed while urging the electorate to out rightly reject all opportunistic as well as communal parties.
“Gone are the days when people would blindly cast their vote, Hakeem Yaseen said while ridiculing political parties in fray in the ongoing parliamentary elections for not bringing into lime light the basic issues of the people and highlighting their pain and agony due to ongoing bloodshed and mayhem in the turmoil ravaged state.
He said now the people of the state are politically wise enough to differentiate between their friends and foes and they can’t be hoodwinked by false promises or by exploiting religious sentiments of the people.

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