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Day to day activities at work will keep you fit

Day to day activities at work will keep you fit
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Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra

Following Diet Plans and spending quality time in fitness centers are not the only way to keep you healthy and active. Small things that are part of our day to day activities also play an important role in keeping us fit.
Every 1 in 3 rd person today is facing lifestyle prone health hazards. Cervical problems, back pain, migraine, knee pain, spinal issues sound so normal these days. Have we ever wondered why we have become prone to these problems? Have we given thought to the reason? It could be our work place, the place where we spend maximum hours, days and years of our life. No matter how much you try keeping yourself up to the mark in work, fashion, looks and social activities but if one is not fit from inside, one cannot give their best in any of the above. NeuroSpinal problems have become so common these days regardless of your age.
So here are some tips that will not only help you to stay fit and light at you work place but will also prevent you to get prone to those elderly health issues.
Don’t be a lazy bee – Make sure that you always walk to the nearby metro station, park your vehicle a little away so that you walk towards it. Take stairs at the work place instead of the lift.
Watch your driving posture – To avoid back ache problems due to long hour traveling follow the rule of sitting with the knees in level to hips and your chest parallel to steering wheels. Go for some ergonomic options to keep your back in a natural posture.
Your workstation- Make sure where you are going to spend long productive hours is right for you. Keep a footrest to raise the knees in level with the hips. Your office chair should be in such a shape that its back pushes your lower back slightly forward.
Look Straight – You should fit to the height of computer screen. If chair can’t be adjusted then use a stand or books to amend the height of your screen.
Work-Out – Definitely you don’t want that belly which is caused due to sitting at your job whole day. So try some light exercises that you can follow in your office while sitting on your chair only. Sit straight and stretch your legs with toes facing upward. Now try to raise them to 30°- 40° and slowly put them down without touching the ground. Now repeat this for 10-15 times. This will not only keep your belly in, but will strengthen your lower back too.
Roam Around – After every 1-2 hour take a round of your office, if space is not enough then try to go outside, and if you don’t see anyone around then stretch out your arms and body for a few seconds. Don’t be embarrassed to do so you may even end up setting an example for others too.
Bend it right- One should always take care that you don’t pick anything from ground by bending directly. Always follow the squatting position that is first sit on your knees and then pick the object.
CTS- That tingling sensation and numbness on your finger tips can be carpal tunnel syndrome so to avoid this problem don’t let your wrist bend in constant position. Keep your hand and wrist in straight position during computer work.
Diet – To keep you fresh and active always opt for fresh fruits, coconut water and juices as a light snack if staying up for long working hours.

(Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra is, HOD, Neuro and Spine at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi)


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