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DSEK fails to detach teachers associated with administrative jobs

DSEK fails to detach teachers associated with administrative jobs
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Despite several circulars, teachers continue to stick to non-teaching assignments

Srinagar: Contradicting the repeated circulars issued by the authorities in the school education department for de-attachment of teachers from Zonal and Chief Education Offices (CEO) in districts, more than 30 teachers, masters and lecturers are enjoying prolonged stint at the Directorate of School Education Kashmir.
The teachers deputed in the Directorate from past more than four to five years include Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers (ReT), general line teachers, masters and lecturers. However, the department is reluctant for initiating their de-attachment, which contradicts its own orders.
Notably, several circulars have been issued by the Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) directing chief education officers (CEO) and zonal education officers (ZEOs) to relive all the teaching staff from their offices and post them in their respective schools.
However, according to officials, the circulars were not fully implemented and abided by the ZEOs and CEOs.
“The teachers are still working in ZEO and CEO offices. Nobody has been relieved,” an official said wishing not to be named as he is not authorized to speak to media.
Of the 30 teachers deputed in the Directorate, some are manning clerical job while as some have been adjusted in legal section and some are dealing with accounts related works.
The figures reveal that one regularized ReT teacher is deputed in teaching section of the directorate while as one lecturer and two teachers are working in personal section of the directorate. One master is working in the planning section.
Similarly, one master and two teachers are working in legal section and one each lecturer, master and teacher is working in innovation cell established by the Department.
As per the list one lecturer, one master, four general line teachers and two RReTs have been adjusted in inquiry and monitor wing.
Pertinently, these teachers and other masters have been accommodated in offices despite the government claims that the teachers will not be deputed for any non-teaching job in offices at zonal, district or division and state level.
However, the claims remained confined to papers and teachers continue to remain engaged with non-teaching assignments in offices.
One master one lecture and one ReT teacher has been adjusted in media wing.
Meanwhile, one lecturer, four masters and two RReTs are working in cultural wing of directorate from past many years while as three masters are assigned non-teaching job in SSA section.
“One headmaster and one DEO are working in accounts section,” the list reveals.
The orders and circulars of the directorate have failed to be implemented on ground as it has failed to reshuffle the staff in its own office.
Recently, the new director Muhammad Younis Malik has also sought details of the teachers, masters and lecturers working in offices at CEO and Zonal offices.
“But the new circular will also find no takers,” an official said.
When contacted, the Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK) said he has asked for the details about all the teaching staff working in offices and will these teachers will be reshuffled soon.
“We don’t want to use services of teachers for clerical job here. The whole staff will be replaced,” he said.


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