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NC, PDP has lost its regional character: Er. Rasheed

NC, PDP has lost its regional character: Er. Rasheed
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Jammu: Accusing National Conference (NC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of leaving Muslim community of Jammu at the mercy of Congress and BJP, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that both the parties have lost regional character and have no moral authority to claim even to be the regional parties.
While campaigning for party candidate ShahzadShabnumDeewan in Ponch and Rajouri areas at various places, Er.Rasheed said that the fact is that as on date no regional voice except AIP is existing on the ground as NC, PDP and PC have either surrendered their conscience or have become concubines of BJP and Congress.
While addressing public gatherings at Mandi, Ponch and other places Er.Rasheed said one has a right to ask Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti if they could mislead masses by not fielding any candidate on two seats of Jammu province, why could they not enter into alliance in Kashmir?
“How can something be unholy in Kashmir but much holier in Jammu at the same time? The regional parties are not interested in protecting the Muslim dominated character of the state, to protect the lives, property, dignity and honor of Jammu Muslims but are trying to play politics of vote Bank to keep both BJP and Congress in good humor,” he said.
“The fact of the matter is that Jammu Muslims feel completely isolated, let down and congress and BJP both have become untouchable for them under current circumstances,” the AIP leader said.
Er. Rasheed thanked the masses for listening to him and appealed them to vote for AIP candidate.
He also lashed out at successive governments for ignoring the genuine rights of people of PirPanchal valley.
Rasheed asked Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah to answer why they could not provide connectivity between MandiPonch and Kashmir valley which is just having a few kilometers distance between them.
“How can they claim to be taking care of rights and aspirations of people of PirPanchal. It is a proven fact that both parties have cheated the people of PirPnachal region and are feeling scared of asking them to vote for their candidates and have thus preferred to surrender to congress and BJP and have lost the regional character,” he said.
Er. Rasheed rejected the claims that AIP’s candidate will divide the secular votes.
“Isn’t it strange that those who claim AIP will divide so called secular votes, the same forces would beg AIP to support for GhulamNabi Azad in 2015 RajyaSabha elections. If these elements praised AIP for ensuring Azad Sahab’s victory in RajyaSabha now why should they feel jealousy and try to chock AIP’s political space in Jammu region,” jhe said.

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