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Teachings of Shaikh-ul-Alam blessing for Kashmiri society: Prof Shouq

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Srinagar: An extension lecture on ‘Kalam-i-Shaikh : ZatukVukat’by Prof. ShafiShouq was organised by Markaz-i- Noor, Centre for Shaikh-ul-Alam Studies (CSAS), University of Kashmir,here on Saturday.
The purpose of the lecture was to highlight the relevance and importance of the teachings of Shaikh-ul- Alam (RA).
Highlighting the fame and popularity of the revered poet and saint, Prof. Shouq said, “The teachings of Shaikh-ul- Alam are a blessing for the whole Kashmiri society. He has touched almost every aspect of human life in his writings. We find the original form of Kashmiri language in his poetry”.
He also said, “Shaikh-ul-Alam was the most prominent personality Kashmir has ever produced.The need of the hour is to propagate and disseminate his message throughout the world by translating his works into other languages.”
In his presidential remarks, Prof. Majrooh Rashid, Head of the Department of Kashmiri, said, “People from all the sections of the society have a great respect for the saint. His teachings are not only meant for any particular class of the society but for thw whole humanity. It is obligatory for us to act on the messages so that we could live a dignified and meaningful life.”
Prof. SatyabhamaRazadan, Head of the Department of Sanskrit, was the Guest of Honour.
The welcome address was presented by the Chairperson of CSAS, DrMehfooza Jan, in which she said, “The department is committed to disseminate the message and teachings of the sufi saint, Shaikh Noor-ud-din Noorani.”
The vote of thanks was presented by DrAadilMohi-ud Din, professor at the department.
There was also a question and answer session in which various teachings of the saint were dealt in detail.
The lecture was attended by various faculty members of the university, students and research scholars.

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