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Obstacles in the Way of Progression

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Peer Faizan Bashir

I will narrate some factual incidents that will put a light into the obstacles that are in our path of progression.
A few months ago, my father who loves and cherishes me, suddenly lay up with a cardiac disease! On that night, when we were all sleeping, and here was my father who had been going to and fro in our home all the night just by the reason that he was feeling some ache on the right side of chest. I was in deep sleep and suddenly I had a nightmare that scared me so much that I happen to shout with loud-my family where are you! And, it was my father whose response doubt me about his health. And, I began to narrate the nightmare that I had that time; he then unleashed his thoughts that ‘Beta’ I was awaken all night because I was feeling some ache in my heart. So, we were on tiptoe, and immediately rushed to hospital. As we went to the hospital where I came to witness a strange thing; the strange thing that dejected me more.
We were queued up as a lot many patients were already waiting for their turn. And, suddenly, I happen to hear our name, but not clearly enough to know if it were we to turn in, that a lady on the entrance gate (onto doctor) was calling. I went to her and asked: could you please call the name once again, and it was she getting bent out of shape for why I told her to call the name once again. We were already surrounded by woebegone and she began shouting rather ignoring us by the weebit mistake of ours!!!!!
People appointed in each and every department of government have to be polite as well as caring towards people because it’s people who they are working for. On the contrary, I came to the realisation that government or heads of its departments must appoint people as per proper scrutiny; they must evaluate them, to the best of service, beforehand.
The second incident, that too is very unfortunate, and what exactly instilled me to write something of them was when my brother and I were to fetch some guests from Karanagar Srinagar. Whilst they were to take some time, we decided to spend some moment taking a look at the Medical College which happens to be in the same area. As we reached by the entrance gate, and the person(gatekeeper) whom we asked that could we enter and take a look at the college, and he was silent. So, I begun asking again- if there are some visiting hours, so we shall come as per the timings. No sooner he hears our voice than he yelled at us that, “what visiting hours are? Go off”. Guardian of the college would ever utter the words was beyond our imagination. And, we were left wretched!!!!!
The third incident, I came across, while I was scrolling Facebook page, a video turned up that was so pathetic. In the video, a very young boy was being scolded by his teachers just for no reason but to make it out of fun, even an animal would hesitate to do such a heinous acts; my tears were about to drop down when I see the tearful eyes of that little toddler and for the reason that teachers would ever be having such approach.
So along as, teachers do such acts then how can we blame anyone for the same crime or the other? Teaching is the mere profession amongst all other professions that the whole world treasures. Its teachers that would alone make a nation more civilized and well-mannered. But, the hallmark was nowhere to be seen in those tutors!!!!!
To wit we do have such events happening and it happens more worse than I have been mentioning so far. Those who deal with people, must keep a polite attitude. Those who make fun out of any way, despite being among those who are averse to it, should not do so. The only way to bring an end to these would be through transforming ourselves by prudent education. That’s the only way!

(The writer is a student and can be reached at [email protected])

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