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Ostracizing Kashmiris won’t help

Ostracizing Kashmiris won’t help
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Very sad and disturbing news is coming from various places which relates to the people of Kashmir. The sad news is that various hot heads in the pursuit of satisfying their self defined nationalism have been targeting Kashmiri students and traders in various states.

The attacks started in Dehradun and Chandigarh where mostly Kashmiri students were targeted and were told to vacate the hostels and private accommodations they were holding. In many cases some students were manhandled and threatened by rightwing activists.

Similarly, traders were also targeted in Bihar and other parts. In Bihar an exhibition where Kashmiri traders had put stalls by paying huge amounts in advance as rent and other charges, was forcibly stopped and goons who are affiliated to various right wing groups openly threatened them to close their stalls within 24 hours.

The attacks on Kashmiri students and traders have been intensified over the past few years now. Kashmir has been witnessing turmoil since the past three decades now but it is for the first time that such a situation is being created where people are being coaxed to attack Kashmiris and force them out of the places they are either working or studying.

This act by some rightwing groups is being done to garner some additional support for them during the upcoming elections but the damage it is doing to the social fabric of India is much more that mere electoral gains.

Just on Sunday almost 500 Kashmiri students were bundled in various vehicles by the Dehradun police and were sent to Chandigarh as the police also feared for their safety in Dehradun.

Though the worried parents and other relatives were assured by the state administration that every step is being taken to ensure the safety of students and traders but the ground situation is telling us something different.

Even on Saturday the Governor reviewed the situation of students from Jammu and Kashmir State in various Universities and Colleges across the country. He was informed that the Liaison Officers appointed at all major locations were working effectively and coordinating with University Authorities and local Police ensuring the safety of the students.

Apart from the Governors assurances, the Centre also asked all states to ensure safety and security of the students and people from Jammu and Kashmir living in their areas in the wake of threats to them.

The advisory came hours after Home Minister Rajnath Singh assured an all party meeting of doing the needful for the protection of the Kashmiri students and people who were threatened after the attack in Pulwama.

But all this seems not to be working. By attacking the students and the traders they are being categorically told there is no place for them outside the valley and no future in the mainland.

This phenomenon is more damaging than what is being perceived by those who are promoting it. So the best way out is to put an immediate stop on this mindless and reactionary steps.

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