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PUBG- A killer game that deserved a ban

PUBG- A killer game that deserved a ban
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By Mohammad Ashraf
Our mother land Kashmir is a land laden with healthy cultural ethos. We are known globally for our rich culture and diversity. We are popular for our hospitality. Our sense of belongingness and togetherness has no parallel in the world. Ours is a unique and interesting culture.
Our social ties with each other used to be strong enough in the recent past. We used to visit each others. We used to know the well being of each other personally. But with the outburst of scientific inventions our social interaction came to a halt.
Gone are the days when we used to share each other’s joys and sorrows with open hearts and with open mindsets. Now-a- days we have been confined to the four walls of our home. Whenever we wish to know the well being of our nears and dears we take the aid of mobile phone. The courtesy, affection, sweetness, and belongingness which used to be ingrained in our culture in past has got eroded to a great extent.
We cannot deny the merits of mobile phone but its usage should have not been at the cost of our values and ethics. That’s why Einstein has rightly said,” I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have generation of idiots. ”
Any scientific invention is for the betterment of mankind and it’s up to his discretion how he can handle it. In other words we can explain it with an instance of a grocery shop where each product of consumption is available. Now it’s up to the consumer which item he consumes, whether he consumes a product that will ensure his survival or takes something that will lead to his ill health of even death.
Now a days we do witness parents worried about the infatuation of their children with mobile phones. No doubt the smart phone version of mobile phones is not less than a magic wand in ones hand. If used in positive sense it can bring untold benefits in one’s life. It can do wonders if used for constructive purposes.
During these days we do come across news of health related issues due to mis-use of smart phones. Recently social media was abuzz with the news of PUBG game and its bad impacts on health. The medicos have advised public to keep youngsters and children away from playing PUBG game. It has infatuated the youngsters. They have become addicts of this game. It has greatly impacted their bodies and minds. The PUBG addicts are consulting medicos with the complaints of headaches, dizziness drowsiness, irritation in eyes and other ailments.
Now PUBG has become a nuisance in the society. The youngsters and children of age group 7 to 14 are seen glued with phones. While playing the game they do yell in a strange manner. They shout loudly. Sometimes they look as if they are insane.
On numerous occasions they (PUBG addicts) even skip meals. The PUBG addicts show lack of interest in their studies. They do lag in academic performances. Consequently the parents are seen worried regarding the addiction of this game by their children. They are seen letting no stone unturned in bringing the delinquent children to their normal track. They do seek help of doctors, health experts, psychologists and even from faith healers. The parents of PUBG addicts are seen bringing amulets from the peer babas (faith healers). But the addiction is so chronic that each and every approach from doctor to faith healer seems faltering.
It’s high time for our religious preachers that they do deliver the sermons regarding the current evils which have bad impacts on the young saplings of our society viz PUBG and other killer games so that many parents can become aware beforehand and can take precautionary measures in keeping their children away from this addiction.
Apart from this it’s incumbent on our teachers and tutors to make the students aware of the demerits of the game. The parents should check the smart phones of their kids on routine basis. They must not let them to be glued with smart phones. They(children )should be made to learn the judicious use of phone. Apart from this the youngsters should be sent with TableegJamats (Proselytizers) for some time so that they can learn what the real code of conduct of life is.
Our young saplings are our future hence their sound development is of utmost importance. It’s a good initiative from the government that it has banned PUBG in the state. Now we all must contribute in eradication of this menace so that our young generation may not get spoiled from these killer games.

The writer is teacher by profession. He can be mailed at mohd45679pp@gmail.com


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