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‘Vice-Roy of Delhi’ continues his venomous utterances: Geelani

‘Vice-Roy of Delhi’ continues his venomous utterances: Geelani
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Srinagar: Commenting over the statement of Governor Satya Pal Malik, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani on Friday said that ‘hypocrisy and arrogance touches new heights when a person, as administrative representative of oppressive monster, posing as Vice-Roy of Delhi, continues his venomous utterances.’
Geelani as per a statement issued here that it is surprising and ridiculous that a person “alien” on this soil, hailing from a place thousands miles away—threatens the permanent and legal residents of this land, to flee from here.
“This is outcome of the sick and biased mindset every oppressor genetically poses. His power intoxicates him to the false and baseless belief that might and force authorizes him every liberty to humiliate the masses,” he said.
He said that Governor should at least have a general understanding and basic knowledge that a qualified and conscious youth can hardly fall prey to the exploitation of any religious cleric, a priest or a political figure. “Worldly luxuries its glamour can’t convince him to opt for an extreme step,’ he added.
“Had the rulers and their proxies sincerely tried to dig a little deep in the situation, without using the prism of ultra nationalism or fascist religious color, they would have come across that fundamental and basic reason for the chaotic scenario. Azadi is not only our dream, but a passion, a purpose and a much cherished destiny, nourished by the blood, honor, life and livelihood of this ill-fated nation and if Governor finds it hard to get to the mathematics of it, he better unfold the pages of history or enquire from his predecessor —when they themselves were fighting oppression,” he said.
Geelani said “their oppressor also threatened them same way as his military might and illegal control has blinded them as well—but realistic tide of time swept their empire and squeezed them to a small piece of land—encouraging every subjugated nation to fight back.”
“Showing mirror to their own supporters itself testifies that to ensure their forced and illegal control, how low Indian rulers had stooped. Like their monsters, these collaborators too lack the genes of honesty, dignity, consciousness and self-esteem. Whenever a trace of wellness is hard to find, when dead are used as a stair to build its empire, when crocodile tears are shed just to gain sympathy—then the words of disgrace too are taken as compliment to be proud of,” he added.
Pro-freedom leader said that Governor should not indulge himself in the “Janat discussion”—as our paradise piece of land is turned into a hell by the inhuman and brute policies of Delhi.
Referring to the “Army help” in 2014 floods, Geelani said that every Kashmiri knows to the core of their heart what help your “disciple”, “accountable” and “human” armed forces rendered to the victims. “It was inspirational and dedicated youth who without proper equipment and resources rescued sufferers irrespective of their ethnic and linguistic affiliation,” he said.
“Long and torturous movement despite its ups and downs, thick and thin testifies it beyond ambiguity that we as a nation can’t be befooled and lured by the lollipop of economic packages, employment or development and if rulers in Delhi and their sub-ordinates here, really care for this land and its habitants, respect the emotions and aspirations—then they should silence roaring guns, open the gates of detention centers and replace the brutality and beastness with golden and universal principles of humanity, brotherhood and morality to let the suffocating and gasping population of more than 15 million to exercise their basic and birth right of a peaceful, dignified and honoured life,” he said.
Meanwhile, paying tributes to the slain militants of DrabgamPulwama, Geelani reiterated that the youth of Kashmir were forced to opt for gun as a reaction to the “Indian military and forcible occupation of the state.”
Terming Kashmir as a bone of contention between the two nuclear powers of the sub-continent, Geelani regretted that “the stubborn attitude of India regarding this globally accepted political dispute and dealing with it only militarily has created death and destruction in whole state and threatening even the idea of peace and stability of the region.”
Meanwhile, Hurriyat (G) leaders and activists held peaceful protests after congregational Friday prayers in Hyderpora about the prolonged detention of Kashmiri prisoners in and outside state.

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