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‘New conspiracies’ being hatched to hurt resistance movement: Malik

‘New conspiracies’ being hatched to hurt resistance movement: Malik
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Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik asked people to remain steadfast and vigilant as ‘new conspiracies are being hatched to hurt Kashmiri resistance movement’.
“As election process and contesting parties have lost attraction and glamour in Kashmir, new collaborators and faces are being projected through media and social media as champions of Azadi and human rights and a narrative is being created that resolution of Kashmir dispute will be achieved by them through assembly and Indian parliament,” Malik said while addressing people at Bilal Masjid (the Bund) today.
“Today some educated people are leaving their job; some others leading employees are also joining in and many turn-coats have too jumped into fray too, to deceive people and glamorize election process which has lost relevance in the eyes of people of Kashmir. Today all pro-India parties and these new supporters are saying that India is oppressing Kashmiris, they all are saying that Kashmir dispute should be resolved but we know that these people are playing this theater only to hoodwink Kashmiris once again and pride legitimacy to Indian narrative,” Malik said.
Malik said that India from last 70 years has been using elections to prolong its ‘illegal occupation’ on Jammu Kashmir and delay the resolution of this dispute and “it is our national duty to remain vigilant and reject all such processes, people and organizations which are harming and hurting our national interest.”
“On Sunday 3rd February, Prime Minister NarendraModi is arriving in Kashmir again. Last time he was in Udhmapur where tour operators asked him to appeal tourists to visit Kashmir but instead of heeding to their pleas, he in his address said that Kashmiris should chose between tourism and terrorism and in a way asked tourists to not visit Kashmir,” Malik said.
Malik said that it is his five years that have brought more miseries to Kashmiris and besides killing our young ones, maiming and blinding our dear ones, jailing thousands, destroying houses, orchids and rice paddies, his rule used every means possible to shatter our economy by implementing laws like GST. “He is this time also coming to handover another power project running on our resources to NHPC and to deprive us further from using our water resources for our welfare,” added JKLF chairman.
“A person who is using every means to hurt and harm us deserves only a protest and resentment from us and I appeal every Kashmiri to observe a complete shutdown as announced by JRL, stay at their homes, shut down their business centers and transport and give a message to Indian premier that his policies of oppression and suppression have failed to put Kashmiri nation into submission,” said JKLF chairman.
Meanwhile, on JRL’s call, JKLF leaders, activists along with people from different walks of life today gathered at MadinaChowk and staged a protest against the ‘miserable condition’ of Kashmiri inmates who are being ‘subjected to gruesome torture and torment in different jails’.
Terming the condition of inmates as ‘pathetic’, JKLF leaders said that “Kot-balwal jail has been turned into a hell for inmates. Kashmiri Inmates have been put into cells and are beaten ruthlessly on daily basis.”
“They are not even being allowed to meet their kith and kin from last one month. Many injured and ailing inmates at the said jail are not being provided any medical facility even. Inmates at other jails of Jammu Kashmir are also being subjected to same persecution and at all jails the kith and kin of inmates are being humiliated by jail authorities which is most condemnable,’ they said.
While appealing ICRC and other human rights organizations to take cognizance of the plight of Kashmiri inmates, Speakers stressed upon the need of their immediate intervention to save the lives of Kashmiri Inmates.

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