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Young generation determined to get out of ‘unholy yolk of slavery’: Geelani

Young generation determined to get out of ‘unholy yolk of slavery’: Geelani
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Srinagar:Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said the young generation is determined to get out of the unholy yolk of slavery at any cost.
Geelani in a statement issue here said that when young blood is so enthusiastic to achieve their goal, no power on earth can force them to subjugation.
In a telephonic address to mourners of the Dr. Shams-ul-Haq at SoghanShopian, Geelani reiterated his pledge to take the movement to its logical end and will never allow any body to barter the precious blood. “We need to be aware of this and we are duty bound to safe guard their sacrifices and should desist from such activities which prove detrimental for our movement,” he said.
He said that “deceitful slogans of development, prosperity or material gains can never be a substitute for freedom. Pro-Indian politicians have turned into political leaches, sucking every drop of our blood to satisfy their masters in Delhi.”
“Election drama and the multi-faced politicians pose as our saviors to fetch them votes in the name of roads, electricity and water, but in reality they are the people who strengthen the unholy bond of slavery so nation as a whole should desist from any support to them,” he said.
“Our movement has become so precious that no perk and privilege can compel us for any compromise,” Geelani said while stressing upon people in general and youth in particular, saying “we need to strengthen our faith and protect our civil, social, religious and human liberties, avoid miss deeds and nourish the Islamic culture in our homes and society without indulging in sectarian hatred and social evils.”

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