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The EVM tampering

The EVM tampering
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The Electronic Voting Machines (EVM’s) have been making news much ahead of the scheduled parliamentary polls. A claim by an IT expert, that the machines were manipulated during the 2014 general elections has raised a storm.

Though the Election Commission of India took a strong note of the claim termed it as ‘motivated slugfest’, it stood by its claim of an empirical fact about fool-proof nature of EVMs.

The storm was raised by a man, identified as Syed Suja who claimed that the 2014 general election was rigged through the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), which, he says, can be hacked. Shuja has been living in London since 2014 after he claimed political asylum in the country.

The man claimed that telecom giant Reliance Jio helped the BJP to get low frequency signals to hack the EVMs. Shuja claimed that he worked for the ECIL from 2009-2014. Electronic Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL) is the organization that designed and developed the EVMs.

The claims by the hacker mention that it was the ECIL which initially told its staff to check whether the machines can be hacked and if so how. What is interesting to note is that the hacker says that the EVMs were hacked by the BJP using a modulator which transmits military-grade frequency.

The claims become all the more worrisome after he claimed that other than the BJP, the SP, BSP, AAP and Congress too were involved in the EVMs rigging.

These statements by a hacker though, need to be taken seriously as various allegations about the functioning and the use of EVM’s have been coming to the fore. More so, as the elections are round the corner the allegations need to be taken seriously and not rubbished as a ‘stunt by the opposition’ rant.

The ECI has to come clear with all the facts about the EVM’s and the way they function. The doubts can be cleared only if some external agency is involved to certify the functioning of the machines so that all the allegations and fears are put to rest.

The EVM’s have emerged as a tool for sustaining and strengthening democracy in the country that is still grappling to get a foothold on democratic system and establishing of a fair and free administration.

If such allegations are leveled than the very essence of democracy is put to serious tests which need to be taken at hand so that all speculations are not only put to rest but also addressed.

Even various political parties have been time and again raising questions on the way election process and the voting patterns have been followed using the EVM’s and answering all these queries has now become all the more important.


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