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Where are doctors!

Where are doctors!
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Faizan Bashir

Every human dwells around hopes of being treated by a doctor when he falls ill. But the the whole idea was driven to despair once again by the recent incident that happened at one of Srinagar hospitals – Lal Ded, where a pregnant woman was denied being treated and was instead treated like an animal.
The patient comes a long way from some far-flung area with hopes of being treated, and seek medical help. But, the treatment of a doctor was such that she ends up delivering the baby at the midst of road—that too a dead baby!
Doctors who were supposed to serve the patients, take care of their bodily woes, embolden them to the core have turned out to be mere myths. Ask me, I have seen such incidents when a patient would either become prey to the brickbats or dies inside by prescribing adulterated medicines…
A bit back, Deputy Mayor was seen abusing doctors and whole community of them turned up on the roads with faces to protect the Noble Profession’s! Dignity. But, when it comes to fault done within the community-a type of silence from these doctors seems rife, or ever seen them on roads in favour of patients? For how long so nasty a hellish-hypocrisy prevails?
Tailpiece: Doctors were regarded to be on top tier of every other profession. But, the incidents rather tragic stories we hear happening here and there leave us aghast. Should they follow the basic credos of the profession, the better!

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