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Fake news growing and gaining strength with the growth of social media

Fake news growing and gaining strength with the growth of social media
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By Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit

Fake news has wreaked havoc over the last few years. It has flogged up communal frenzy. This reveals the fact about the lack of public’s critical thinking and they fall prey to fake news.
Fake news has emerged as one of the most important tools of misinforming people and it has lead to various different negative results. Considering the high amount of time that is spent on social media, people are highly exposed to false news and it can easily affect them.
As technology has changed, is has also changed the worlds ability to consume information. Fake news has proven to be confusing and often leaves people who consume it wondering what is real. The news media do play a significant role on the negative side as well spreading fake news through various tabloids.
There were lots of fake news involving gossips, scandals and manipulated information. Fake news is created intentionally by entrepreneurs who seek to make money from advertising, and false information can also arise from misinformed social media posts by normal people who posts regularly without understanding its impact.
Fake news appears and disappears quickly, which makes it difficult to collect. Fake news has grown and gained strength with the growth of social media which is a dangerous trend and there is urgent need to monitor it. A very well organised with multiple linked pages on social media platforms are used to make the content go viral.
People will always find other ways of injecting fake news into society. It is rightly said technology should help in tackling this menace and we Indian’s are so gullible that without a thought we forward such posts.
With the advent of new age digital and social media, fake news has pervaded all spheres of life, political and social. The rise of digital and social media as powerful platforms has only magnified the effect of fake and false news.
The advent of fake news is not new or recent, only its potential to reach people has amplified due to online platforms and applications that are free. While media researchers around the world are investigating the fake news scene, little credible information is available on the creators and the intention behind it.
Fake news has become an epidemic online, that it has left internet users wondering what the real news is.
The unprecedented rapid growth in technology leading to a widespread increase in fake news, understanding the inherent nature of human cognition, loopholes in the media and ways to control the spread of fake news has to be understood.
It is to be remembered that incidents affecting humanity and human values signify the dark real world consequences caused by fake news. It is imperative for people to differentiate fake news from real ones and prevent proliferation of such fake news. Social media and online searchers should take efforts to prevent fake news sites. Misinformation can be difficult to correct and it can leave negative impacts that can last despite the fact that even they get corrected afterwards.

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