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Marriage in itself is a complete institution

Marriage in itself is a complete institution
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By Faizan Bashir

There are certain requirements without which we cannot live-be it air, food, sleep. And, in the same way copulation constitutes a part of our life. It may sound obnoxious word to some, but it’s a truth—a universal truth. Every one of us has that type of urge, and it can’t be denied.
God has bestowed us with the quality (libido) so that we can sustain human life in this world. Today we are young, but in the comings years, we surely would be old with grey hair, wrinkles all over the body. The stamina, sense of exuberance, way of talking, style of walking—all wouldn’t remain same. We will die, and the fact can’t be undermined.
Anyways, from the foregoing points arise two questions: number one, how should that God-given quality (libido) be used—what’s the right way to utilize it. Number second, how can the same continue to retain all these features (stamina…) which us have as of now. Yes, it is possible.
The former should be done by getting married which is a complete institution and combines two souls legally. Every religion, legislature, philosopher, historian believe in marriages; how it bring merriment and benefits to people.
However, it should be put into a matter of subject that what results of not getting married bring forth so as to understand the importance of marrying per se. It is seen that one who deny to get married ends up doing all the vile activities, or what we say `Satan sharmindahuwainsaankiharkatu say’ (Even a Satan was ashamed by virtue of human activities), which include rape, molesting, groping, murdering etc etc.
Recently an infant was found in a sack near L.D Hospital which has sent shudders down our spine. This could’ve have surely been happened had they have married when everyone would accept it to be blessing through the pure bond. One life could’ve been saved. Killing of one being is equivalent of killing the whole humanity! There are hundreds and thousands like incidents happening in the world (reports say). What should be put at fault? What’s the solution?
Marrying, besides refraining us from doing these sort of nefarious activity, has other advantages as well. Here I do enlighten the eternal perks of the same (latter part of the third para). That how would you continue to live in this world after death? It may seem nonsense to some. But, it’s logical and scientific too.
Modern science says that after copulation the chromosomes (features) of each partner get transmitted into the fetus. This implies that you would find yourself alive after death in the form of your offspring regardless of gender. How unfortunate those are who want to terminate their belongings, and don’t wish to see them in children thereof just by deny marrying or filicide (even married ones are used to doing it when they hear the news of their infant to be a girl).
Quoting Shakespeare in a sonnet 2 in which he beautifully answers all the queries, vile activities, and clear us from the confusion (which seem to have prevailed all around) –
“…This fair child of mine Shall sum my count, and make my old excuse,
Proving his beauty by succession thine! This were to be new made when thou art old,
And see thy blood warm when thou feel’st it cold.”
Tailpiece: God has bestowed on us sensuality with a purpose. But, we are used to defiling it every now and then, and the ways are manifold!
A good way to relish the blessing is by getting married—this marriage (by understanding to the hilt) word has the capability to refrain us from all evils, and add more to the benefits for us…
Anyways, it is hoped that we contemplate over the issue and reflect in a very positive way.

The author is a student and can be reached at [email protected]

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