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Education system needs serious reforms

Education system needs serious reforms
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By Suhail Amaan Mir

Yes, education system must be seriously reformed. Instead of paying such high amount of fees in schools, students are not getting the adequate and proper knowledge required at a particular age. We have to provide proper education from the starting to the end so that students can easily qualify themselves for their higher education without any obstacle.
The serious issue we are facing in the education sector is that although we belong to the same country and always talk about equality if we look at our education system we can see inequality everywhere. Starting from the primary school our kids are studying different syllabus, say one kid go for CBSE another go for state syllabus etc.
This is the major issue in our system. We need one syllabus for everyone and that syllabus should be a standardized revised version of everything which can bring our young generation upfront with creativity and courage.
If we talk about teachers, they play biggest role in a student’s life. Teachers are often said to be second mothers as indeed they are first source of knowledge. It’s in their hands through which a student learns. Teachers shape lives and teach morals to the students. They are our heroes yet they often get blamed. The curriculums are created by policy makers so why the blame is always shifted on the teachers.
Our new generation has an immense amount of skill and potential but only because of poor education quality they are not able to show it off properly. Educational system should surely be reformed because nowadays education is all about passing exams instead of gaining knowledge.
In my point of view, communication skills are the main issue that we face here, the main problem is English fluency, pronunciation when we talk to our clients or someone, so this will affect our future.
We may get high scores but in the case of communication we lack the most desired skills. Education is a jewel which makes the individual shine out in the crowd; yes we should agree that system should be modified.
In any school, whether private or government owned, teachers must take care of every child and the syllabus must be comprising topics about ethics, integrity, real life stories which would really motivate children to lead positive life.
The syllabus must consist of growing problems in the society and their innovative solutions such as environmental issues, health issues and all other various issues so that students get aware about all this to lead a positive life.
As far as my opinion is concerned backward categories must be given financial help for studies but mark of concession and reservation of seats must be eliminated completely. This will add upon degrading the quality of education alone.
Providing marks and concession is like killing the talented and deserving students. Give fair chances to all only on the basis of merit. Also there must be awareness about different courses and career options for the students. It is the combined responsibility of society and education system to shape the career of students as per their talent.
The reservation system destroyed the student’s life. So, the system of education should be changed and reservation should be on the basis of income group not on the basis of caste. The general category students are also below the poverty line, but unfortunately, they are restricted from the reservation. There is much need for more innovation in the education system. There should not be caste system.
The students too should not be forced to concentrate on the theoretical part but should be provided practical knowledge. Today students are focused on only scoring good marks but they should need to focus on knowledge.
Teachers and parents need to be better educated and trained to understand about students learning requirements.

The writer is an Engineer working in PDD Department and can be reached at [email protected]

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