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Shah Faisal Debate: Let us begin to bring in a change

Shah Faisal Debate: Let us begin to bring in a change
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By Mudasir Ahmad Gori

The first UPSC topper from Jammu and Kashmir found himself in the heart of the controversy when the hoax of his joining mainstream politics was making rounds. However, he found himself at the center of the debate immediately after his resignation. His resignation has given birth to innumerable questions, uncountable perceptions and so on.
Some people went to the extent of questioning his credibility. For them perhaps securing first position in UPSC is not sufficient, somebody help them to get their DNAs testified and verified. He has proven his worth twice already by being a doctor and then being a topper too. He does not need anyone’s certificate.
Why is this uproar gaining momentum? It is because of the stereotypical perception, that politics is a dirty game, so good people must stay away from it. That is where the problem lies.
Let those bad people be allowed to rule upon us seems to be okay with all of us. Now let’s introspect something ourselves. Who has made this politics dirty? Who elected these so called people’s representatives? Before question and lampooning upon others, it is time to ask ourselves, we are greatly responsible for the mess these politicians have landed us into.
How do we expect to bring a change in the system? We cannot afford and allow them to win the elections for coming years too so that whatever little possibility has taken birth because of Shah Faisal resignation, also gets slipped off our fingers. We have to be ‘the change’ ourselves.
This will certainly encourage people like Shah Faisal and his like minds to work for the state even more honestly. Let’s not forget that he had last year said it already that “Losing job is a small risk for that debate I am trying to have”. He must have been ready for it any time.
When this great intellect of our state has already made it clear through his Facebook post that he is resigning, because of the ‘injustice and the unabated killings’ and many other things. Why does it seem to be a drama for all of us?
It is fit to mention that he asked people for opinions too, which most of us have given on Facebook only. We must realize that surrendering a job for the sake of the people is in itself a big sacrifice and we still play blame games. Some say he did it, in order to obtain power, others have other narratives. How many of us are willing to sacrifice our jobs for the cause he has resigned for? How many of us are willing to leave IV class job leave alone IAS.
There is nothing wrong if Shah Faial joins politics, because somebody has to bell the cat. Someone has to start from somewhere. Let’s resort our faith on him. Have we not placed our faith for so many years on those mean politicians? Why does it become all of a sudden difficult for us if someone of a caliber of Shah Fasial joins it?
Why can’t we extend our support to him? Let’s give them a chance too. However, having said that there is nothing wrong in joining politics, I must admit and suggest here that it is advisable not to join any mainstream political party. Instead of doing that, it is better to form a third front in our state.
I know it will be difficult too. But given the nature of your intellectualism I can assure you people will throng to your party in no time and in near future your party can win with majority. People still have faith in you. Don’t lose yourself by the Facebook and Twitter addicted people. They have nothing substantial to do therefore; they will try to pull legs of all those who intend to do anything good. But in the same breath I must say if you join the mainstream political party then there is every possibility that you will be coloured like them only. So it’s advisable to form a third front. I can sense it these political parties will certainly collate to fight against your third front, if you do that, but believe me that will be the right time to change the discourse of our state.
It is again pertinent for people to understand unless we do not support good people in politics how we can expect a change. We need self introspection, what have we earned so far from the politician we have supported? There are narratives about politics but remember no narrative is a grand narrative? The need of the hour is, if Shah Fasial wants to support the cause, it is high time to form a third front. This will clarify the apprehensions that Shah Fasial will be like any other leader of other political parties. In fact, being already recognized as youth icon, many intellectual progeny will join you in due course of time. This will strengthen your base in near future too. More than most we will be freed from the tyrannical rule of these Mufti’s and Abdullha’s. We need leaders like you for the sake our future and state. Because future needs us and more so we need the future.

(The writer is a research scholar and can be reached @ [email protected])

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