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Er Rasheed seconds Omar over fractured mandate

Er Rasheed seconds Omar over fractured mandate
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Handwara: AwamiItehaad Party (AIP) president and former MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Wednesday seconded Omer Abdullahs appeal to people not to throw a fractured mandate in the upcoming assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.
“The ball is now in the people’s court and they must uproot all those forces who have diluted the Kashmir cause, acted like proxies of New Delhi, ensured dynastic politics, legalized corruption, nepotism and institutionalized VIP culture,” ErRasheed said in a statement issued here.
Addressing various meetings in Handwara, Er Rashid said, “Omer Abdullah has every right to seek a decisive mandate for his party but owes a moral responsibly to explain what happened to the huge previous mandate especially the one his party got in 1996 after violence had hit the state so badly.’
“The question is not who reaches corridors of power but the issue is will sufferings of Kashmirs end in near future. In fact resolution of Kashmir dispute is more important than asking for more and more assembly seats,” he said.
He said while creation of PDP certainly divided the mandate but one shouldn’t forget that had NC delivered even one 10th of its election promises made in 1996, the party wouldn’t have been reduced to 15 seats from 58 seats.
“The mainstream political parties should avoid treating masses like concubines and must not expect that they can befool them every time,” he said, appealing masses to ask their conscious before voting for any particular political party.
“Though people are the best judge and nobody has a right to question their wisdom but people surely need to reject traditional mainstream parties and must vote for those forces whose hands are clean and have a clear vision and do not represent new Delhi in Kashmir,” he said.
He said the unfortunate tradition has been that people first vote overwhelmingly for a particular party with enthusiasm but then start repenting once they are elected, for the reason they fail to keep their promises, as such masses need to give up beaten tracks and should contribute in emerging of a sincere, committed and honest leadership.

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