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DAK aghast over exorbitant rates on diagnostic procedures

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Urges govt to implement Free Drug, Diagnostic policy

Urges govt to implement Free Drug, Diagnostic policy

Srinagar: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) has expressed serious concern over the exorbitant rates being changed to poor patients in hospitals run by Directorate of Health Services Kashmir.
In a statement, the spokesperson of association said that it was surprising that different rates were being charged in different hospitals run by the same government, which is “giving free license to administrators of these hospitals to charge people at their will and wish.”
Giving details, the spokesman said “giving an example of a simple x ray which costs just Rs 70 at SKIMS is charged around Rs 150 to 200 in District hospitals of the Valley, Similarly, huge discrepancy has been found in other laboratory investigations also, Liver Function Tests (LFT) done in district hospital costs 200, while as same is being charged at 40 rupee only at SKIMS or SMHS.”
“People are being looted and free drug and free investigation slogan of the Government is being thrown to the wind,” a DAK statement said.
Pertinently, the statement said that the Government in the year 2017 had issued a circular were it was clearly mentioned that 17 investigation had to be done free of cost at Government hospitals, “however, the same was being violated till recently by hospital administrators and people where being illegally charged for the same,” it said.
“Government’s tall claims of delivering free health care services at the doorstep fall flat when such issues remain un-resolved and remain in standby mode for the reasons better known to authorities.”
DAK has stressed upon the Government for uniform and affordable rates in all hospitals across the State. “Furthermore, DAK urges the Government to take Stern action against those officers and officials who have violated government orders and circulars from time to time in this regard,” statement said.
DAK has demanded that the Govt should “execute the Free Drug & Diagnostic policy in letter & spirit and not to keep it confined for cosmetic purposes which has led to immense problems to the general public and to issue strict orders in this case so that poor patients avail the benefits of health policies.”


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