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PDP’s damage control

PDP’s damage control
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Former chief minister and President People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mehbooba Mufti tried effectively to use the stage that was set to commemorate the third death anniversary of her father and patron of the party, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed by putting forth an apology for her comment that she made during 2016 uprising.

The apology is seen as an attempt to do some damage control ahead of elections, while as the biggest opposition party, National Conference (NC) termed the apology as a ‘political gimmick.’

AIP’s Engineer Rasheed while reacting to the apology of Mehbooba Mufti said she must move beyond apologies and that her apology will not bring the precious lives back.

So far, Mehbooba’s attempts to regain the lost foot on the ground, has invited ridicule and criticism from all the quarters, even BJP termed her move to visit the families of the militants as a ‘political stunt’ ahead of elections. BJP’s Ashok Kual while taking jibe at her said that she was the one who used to say that these youth don’t go to camps to get ‘toffees and milk.’

She clarified that that she did not visit the families of the militants of her own, rather she was invited; at the same time, Hizb Commander, RiyazNaikoo vociferously opposed her move and categorically told her not to visit the families.

Her efforts to visit the families in south Kashmir, which is the hot-bed of the militancy in the Valley, seems to have been used as an ice-breaker by her—but has that attempt really melted the ice, is again something, which only time will prove.

On Monday, she didn’t even spare Prime Minister NarendraModi and said that he ‘wasted’ the mandate that was given to him, and again saying that he couldn’t pick it up where the Vajpayee had left it regarding the resolution of Kashmir.

While PDP is carrying out a full-fledged damage control drive, all that, what has been done is past—courtesy: the alliance of north pole and south pole—it has brought about a change in the psyche of people in the valley, with an add-on effect of the faces that have represented the party, deserting it with every passing day.

The coming times will put the leadership, if any left in the party, to test. The progression of the party, which this time seems to be downwards, will also be determined by the days to come, if the downward spiral continues, chances are very little for it to see an upward movement.

While PDP, when it was formed, sidelined those who were used to the power in the state, the prevalent days seem to be pointing at it (PDP) being sidelined by those ancient forces all over again. The question remains that will the damage control do any good, only time will tell.

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