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More vivacious attitude needed

More vivacious attitude needed
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The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has claimed that if separatists in Kashmir had agreed to talk to an all-party delegation that went to meet them last year, perhaps a way could have found some to resolve the stalemate in the Valley.

The statement of the Union Home Minister has come at a time when the state has not been able to come out of the crisis that has stuck it in 2016 since the killing of Hizbul Commander BurhanWani and the BJP is feeling the heat of being solely responsible for the mess that is presently being witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir.

Talks and resolution of Kashmir issue has been a top priority for all stake holders in the state and separatists too are inclined towards talks and discussions. No wonder then that every day since the situation in Kashmir turned volcanic, separatists have been harping on their demand of talks and negotiations.

Talks to resolve the Kashmir conundrum have been the only alternative that can be resorted to. But the union government has been shying away from talks is no hidden secret. If going by the Union Home Ministers assertion that the separatists shut the door to an all party delegation last year led to a stalemate then one feels pity for the central leadership.

Such statements reflect the negative attitude of the leadership and their unwillingness to see Kashmir out of the mess and trouble it is engulfed in. If the separatists hard posturing is a yardstick of measuring the outcome of an all party delegation visit to Kashmir then it seems that the central leadership is mistaken or acting ignorant.

A single visit or meeting is not going to resolve the Kashmir issue. The all party delegation has not come to Kashmir for the first time. Such exercises have been repeated quite often and the outcomes of these visits too have been debated and their failures accepted.

The Union Home Minister it seems has forgotten the environs in which the all party delegation had come to Kashmir. The surcharged and emotionally packed environment was playing too heavily on the separatist leadership who could have ill afforded to play against the public sentiment.

The mood among the youth was and is still so charged up that anybody can ill afford to go against it. In such environs if the separatist leadership played safe by not involving themselves at any point, the central leadership has to accept their limitations.

What is being felt in the valley since the past three years is that the gun is doing the talking and the other factors are being sidelined. This at times seems a reality as well. The various heads of armed forces have been asking for a political resolution of the issue but all these open and tacit admissions have fallen on deaf ears.

The right wing BJP is harping on the Kashmir issue for political gains and it is here that the real problem lies. The will to resolve the Kashmir issue is missing, so is any genuine offer for talks.

If the central leadership believes in an all inclusive effort to resolve the Kashmir issue then the dictatorial-winner takes all-attitude has to go and all-encompassing circle has to be redrawn to accommodate views and suggestions to arrive at a solution.

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