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BJP trying to break regional parties like Congress, NC and PDP: Azad

BJP trying to break regional parties like Congress, NC and PDP: Azad
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New Delhi: Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad Thursday attacked BJP, accusing it of destabilising the government in Jammu and Kashmir and trying to break National Conference (NC), PDP and Congress in the state.
Initiating the debate on resolution to impose President rule in Jammu and Kashmir in Rajya Sabha Azad said: “You made the government with fanfare in Jammu & Kashmir but BJP withdrew from it.
“Why didn’t you conduct elections. You took four months and tried to brake Congress, NC and whosoever (PDP) did development in Kashmir. The moment you came to know that government cannot be formed, you dissolved the assembly,” he said.
“We are secular forces. We want to have Kashmir with India. You withdrew security in the state and made them soft target (for militants),” he said.
The leader of the opposition in the House said it is necessary to strengthen regional parties for stability of elected state governments.
However, Azad supported the resolution moved by Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday, to approve proclamation issued by the President on December 19, 2018 under Article 356 of the Constitution of India in relation to Jammu & Kashmir.
The resolution has already been passed by the Lok Sabha on December 28, 2018.
Azad also pointed out that since Jammu and Kashmir Governor has legislative and executive power, the Governor brought 55 amendments in different law in such a sensitive state.
He also held BJP responsible for “100 per cent alienation” in the state alleging the government has brought this in the culture of state administration on how many Hindu or Muslim officials are appointed by them.
He said there were maximum number of cease fire violations during the last four years and a large number of people as well as animals were killed due to shelling.
“We had given you a Kashmir which was known for communal harmony and development. But it not the same,” he said.
Azad also accused government of not creating enough employment opportunities in the state and said this led to youth who were trained as doctors, engineers and Phd holders, to join militancy.
Relying to Azad’s accusations, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said if the Congress leaders want to become statesmen then they have to get out of blame game.
He also said the Congress cannot get away with its responsibility regarding the situation of alienation in the state because “stone pelting incident came to light in your golden era only.”
He also said : “You ruled the state and now you say that people are alienated”.
Jaitley said :”When history will decide which point of view–Shyama Prasad Mukherjee or Jawahar Lal Nehru – was right, then you will have problem.” (PTI)

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